What Cellulite Treatment Works The Best?

Cellulite is made of fatty deposits that appear as dimples. Cellulite is caused when the natural structure of the skin is stretched by fat cells.

Cellulite appears on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, lower limbs and pelvic region. It seems to either affect more woman than men or men just do not make an issue out of it.

Cellulite sometimes will earn someone the nickname of “cottage cheese thighs” or “orange peel skin.”

Cellulite treatments include exercise, massage, and creams. Usually, it is a combination of the three.

The best cellulite treatment is cardiovascular exercises such as swimming, walking, bicycling, rowing, or jogging.

Playing hockey, squash, or any other high-level physical sport is a great cardiovascular exercise also.

One contributor to cellulite is decreased circulation. The cardiovascular exercises stimulate blood flow, increasing circulation.

This aids in releasing the fat under the skin, moving it through your blood stream, and eventually pushing it out of your body. Cardio also causes sweating, which helps detoxify the skin and burn fat.

Another treatment for cellulite is establishing a proper diet. Some medical professionals claim areas of cellulite have a more than normal concentration of cells that attract water. Reducing your salt intake will help reduce water retention, especially in the areas that are prone to attract water.

Eating foods that are high in fiber and low in saturated fats will combat cellulite. Healthy foods will rid the body of toxins and other waste products that contribute to cellulite.

Raw fruits and vegetables are a good source of protein and lean meats contain fatty acids that are useful in breaking down food to essential and nonessential elements.

Healthy eating and a regular exercise program that includes some cardiovascular exercises make a good anti cellulite treatment and will go a long way to putting cellulite in its place – anywhere else but your body.

Cellulite creams will improve the appearance of your skin in cellulite areas. The creams will firm and smooth the skin and reduce the dimpled or cottage cheese look. Caffeine is an ingredient of most cellulite creams. When the cream is rubbed into the skin, it absorbs the caffeine.

The caffeine will stimulate blood flow, which in turn improves circulation. Cream by itself is not the only answer to cellulite reduction. When used in conjunction with exercise and healthy eating, cream will be a great cellulite reduction treatment. The more treatment methods you employ, the faster and more effective the cellulite removal process will be.

What Anti Cellulite Cream Works

A relatively new cellulite treatment is laser therapy. Such treatment is often a combination of healthy eating, proper exercise, and laser treatments. The premise is the laser, which will melt fat deposits and hasten elimination through the blood. Some of the advantages of cellulite laser treatment is it is not invasive, requires no down time, and is not painful.

Some disadvantages are it is a costly procedure, usually requires a series of treatments, and sometimes will require annual follow-up treatment. This procedure is very similar to the new liposuction techniques popular nowadays, also based on laser and much less invasive than traditional liposuction. Laser treatment is not totally effective to those who return to an unhealthy lifestyle of no exercise and bad eating habits after treatment is concluded.