Wellness Kliniek Reviews

– The Wellness klinek is well known. A few years back it got a bad reputation due to one Dr. that was struck off from working in Belgium and the Netherlands after over 80 complaints. I was operated on by him originally (big mistake). I went back for correction this year and I highly recommend Dr. Visser!!!!! She is very skilled and competent and considerate Dr. I now have the boobs I always wanted, she talked through everything, listened to all my complaints and put every single one of them right! I never got any infections, I healed fantastic and never regretted going back. The Clinic has changed, it is modern a wing added and new staff. The staff are friendly, well trained and the place is spotless. The Dr. came and chatted with me again before the operation, marked me up and recapped on my case. She is VERY likable and as you can imagine it takes a lot to go back after a botch job. I can tell you it is the best thing I ever did and cant rave enough about her!

Wellness Kliniek Belgium

– I had a BA at Elyzea in Belgium over a year ago. They were really friendly and have done a brilliant job. I healed really well and didnt suffer with any infections etc. I would definately recommend it to anyone, I will be going back there in the future if I decide to have anything else done. I am currently looking at going back to Belgium to have my dental veneers replaced.

– I can recommend the wellnesskliniek but please try to avoid dr Visser! She is one of the most terrible plastic surgeons I know with absolutely no sense of responsibility! She did a liplift for me, leaving me with absoulutly no results an a huge scar in my face. And when I contacted her about it all she had to say was “i’m sorry you don’t like the outcome”. Now that she has my €1250 euros she obviously doesn’t care anymore!

– I had breast implants there last month. The clinic is nice, clean and modern,however I did have the most horendous experience, mainly due to them using I.V sedation. Before surgery at the consultation (no checks at all re my physical health , no BP taken or ANY medical questions) I explained I was really hard to get to sleep (had bad experience at a dentist re heavy sedation and was awake) I was told that I may talk or mumbble abit but that I would be unaware of it and if this was the case they would increase the dose……..to cut a long story short , I was awake the whole time and given so much sedation I couldn’t breathe ,was talking and coughing ALOT , so put on oxygen, when I got back to my room they nurses told my husband that I had been awake throughout and also in recovery. My husband said I had only been gone an hour altogether. Sorry I don’t want to scare anyone but I began coughing up bright red blood and still couldn’t breathe or lay down at all, the surgeon came and said it’s possible he nicked my lung ! , Please also be aware (irrelevant of the brochure) they are NOT open at night unless they have Gastric Bypasses in, one nurse got me dressed at ten to six ( because they close at 6pm) and wheeled me in a wheelchair to the door where they had ordered me a cab to the hotel,my husband kept saying I cant beleive you are letting her out like this ..he was told the number Belgium emergency services (ambulance) and to call if I started to go Blue !!…..I could not walk 50 yards 2 days later and my husband had to pay to get me a cab literally 100 yard (ten euros) to get me on eurostar to come home after staying in begium 3 days. Can I say I am fit and play racket sports most days……..but do have fab boobs lol 400cc under the muscle, hope this is helpful and I may have been ‘unusual’ (doctor listened to my chest once as I left and said” its ok but if your worried call an ambulance” P.S I have a massively high pain threshold and DO not complain !

– I had a HORRENDOUS experience with this clinic in 2012. Do not go there! Completely agree with the lady below- they are only after your money and don’t care about patient wellbeing OR take ANY responsibility for complications due to their Doctors’ bad judgement. To cut a long story short, I had to go back to the clinic 5 TIMES / 5 SURGERIES (more or less once a month) since May 2012 to try to rectify complications I had following a breast enlargement operation done by Wellness Kliniek. My right-hand side breast was swollen twice the size of the left breast, but when I called the clinic the nurse said that it was “normal”. A week after the operation, I woke-up at night scared as hell with a massive discharge of yellow pus coming out of my incision. I frantically called the doctor (Dr. Visser), who she said that was “good”. Scared with the amount of yellow pus coming out of the incision, I decided to go to my GP for an emergency check-up. They gave me antibiotics to fight the infection and told me that the implant was exposed (i.e. coming out) and that I should return to the clinic immediately. At the clinic, the doctor tried to take the implant out, clean the pocket/ clean the prosthesis and re-insert the implant. She was “confident” that the incision would heal, but it ever did. The incision never closed, I went back to the clinic 5 times for additional surgery, the doctor kept telling it would be alright but in the end (two weeks before my wedding day) I had to have both implants removed to give my body the time to heal and fight whatever was not allowing the incision to close. I am no medical expert and therefore had to trust Dr. Visser’s opinion, which not only once but 5 TIMES were based on her bad judgement of the situation. Following numerous discussions with the clinic’s “customer service” (more like the LACK OF IT, to be honest) manager, neither the clinic nor the doctor took any responsibility for the events or acknowledged that the doctor should have taken a different approach/ better duty of care towards the patient. The response we received from the clinic shows a complete disregard for accepting any responsibility and it calls into question the standards and indeed ethics of the people who run their enterprise. This is surely some of the worst customer service we have ever dealt with. Now I am financially short (£2k spent on travel expenses + the original surgery costs), emotionally, physically and psychologically scarred and without the breasts that I paid for! That is without mentioning the undue stress it has caused at my work place and on the build up to my wedding day. My advice- avoid at all costs! Go somewhere else close to home (trust me, the rights you have as a patient in the UK and the peace of mind if something goes wrong are well worth the extra costs).

– I haven’t heard of him, but I would advise you not to go to this clinic at any costs. The problem with the clinic is not only their doctors (some of the nurses are very nice), but the overall attitude of the clinic towards their duty of care towards their patients. If something goes wrong, you are on your own and you will loose all your money plus the undue stress that this will bring to your life. We had several discussions in person, by e-mail and phone with the doctor, nurses and their so called “customer service” and they were completely indifferent with the whole situation. Their response and attitude was appalling. I understand that sometimes complications may happen, but it happened 5 times and the clinic’s response to the whole situation just goes to show their ethics and lack of duty of care towards their patients. Sorry for the bad news, but I just want to make people aware of the problems I encountered. I would not wish anyone to suffer the way I did for 6 months due to the poor judgement of a doctor that is employed by this clinic. My advice- if you really want to have a cosmetic procedure done, save up and do with a reputable clinic close to you. Look up the doctor’s credentials on the BAAPS and other medical bodies in the UK. This way you will be certain that you will be making the right decision.

– i had surgery there with dr horn in july last year, full tummy tuck.. And omg it went wrong .. Long story but i go back on august 4th for reconstructive surgery with dr damen so hopefully all will be good:) my surgery is on the 6th aug. the 1 thing i had to pay for that i didnt know about was a binder, they told me during my consultation the day before and that i couldnt have surgery without buying one :/ ( it was €85 ) and i also had to pay for blood tests too!