Sono Bello Liposuction Reviews

Sono bello is a company that subcontracts out surgery to doctors willing to operated for 18 cents on the dollar. Some good some not so good.

They do very little to check doctors talents before handing over patients. They have a very high turnover of both doctors and staff. Sono Bello will not do your surgery.

A doctor who has contracted with Sono Bello will. Almost all the doctors working for Sono Bello have private practices where they do all different surgeries.

It may be true that Lipo is all that SB does but not so for their docs.

– The reviews about Sono Bello often are deleted, I assume because mostly are negative. I went to Sono Bello in Kirkland, payed a fortune, got really weird results, got treated like it is my fault for that. I feel like I payed for a drive trough lipo, where they just want to kramp as many patients as possible, do a super quick minimal fix, leave you with uneaven results and planty of fat.
– I went to Bellevue Sonobello and was so happy with my results. I had my abs and thighs done. So happy with the results. The staff there was very nice and informative too,,,, which for me is very important.

– I was refered to Sonobello in Bellevue by my friend that had gone there. I had my abs and thighs done. I just had my 6 months review and I am very happy with my results. No issues with them at all and it is NOT beneath me to walk right out the front door if I’m not like the staff or doctors. I’m learning there is a a lot of negative because plastic surgeons have more schooling on this procedure. I disagree that they are better. It’s just not true. Whenever I read a plastic surgeon dogging another surgeons website I immediately hit delete. This is what Sonobello deals in, Lipo, and they are good at what they do.


– I recently got it done. And I think it is waste of money. It did not help much. I had upper, lower, bra rolls and sides. I even put 2k for ven. Treatment after the procedure. I was not happy after 3 months following up the doctor told if I want I need to diet and exercise

– I just had mine in Orlando June 2, 2017. It’s only a week, but I’m very unhappy. I went for ONE area, they upsold me to FOUR and far over my budget. Now I’m in debt, in pain & the garments are the biggest issue. Too small & painful.

They showed me the 3 huge pitchers of fat & blood immediately after surgery. They definitely took a lot out, but not from the ONE place I wanted it from what I can tell. The nurse assures me this is a common misperception.

I’m spending hundreds of dollars buying Spanx & other garments until I find one that works in the meantime. Very very unhappy at the one-week mark.
Maybe I’ll sing a different tune in a few weeks/months.