Smartlipo Triplex Reviews

SmartLipo Triplex – New treatment to eliminate fat

SmartLipo Triplex is the name of a new fat elimination treatment using a laser made by the Cynosure company.

It can zap small pockets of fat or can be combined with liposuction to remove larger fat pockets.

SmartLipo Triplex is different because it uses a laser delivered with a 1mm fiber optic cable so it can be done through tiny puncture wounds instead of larger cuts.

Also, it is easier to do awake (without general anesthesia) and the laser can lessen bruising and swelling, and tighten skin to a variable amount. (Daryl K. Hoffman, MD, San Jose Plastic Surgeon)

Smartlipo combines laser technology to liposuction in order to improve skin tightening as the fat is removed

In traditional liposuction, and more recently with tumescent liposuction, fat is removed from specific areas of the body at the time of surgery.

This can be done comfortably with local anesthesia. The patient gets the final result when the skin “tightens” around its new shape with the fat removed, a process that can take months to complete (think of how a woman’s abdoman returns to its previous size and shape after giving birth).

Smartlipo Triplex combines liposcution with placement of a special laser under the skin to stimulate collagen contraction and skin tightening at the time of the liposuction.

You continue to improve with time, but the results can be better and patients can heal more quickly and with less discomfort.

Also, you might want to consider Smartlipo Triplex, the latest version of this technology which is only available in certain practices… (Michael H. Rosenberg, MD, Mount Kisco Plastic Surgeon)

Smartlipo Triplex Patients Reviews

– I can tell you that I had smart lipo with suction done yesterday and I am in allot of pain. I had my upper/lower abd and flanks done. I know I am very swollen but I look the same. I had planed on also doing my inner thieghs done but they didn’t have enough lidocane left. You can only use so much per you total body weight. I will have to have that done in another apt. I am not sure that I will do it. I am taking all the supplements they sell you and pain meds, but I am still in allot of pain. I am hopin that it gets better and that I will at least see some kind of result for everything I am putting myself through. At this point I wished I had not done it. I really hope I feel different soon.

– I had smart lipo Triplex done about ten days ago. I did full stomach, flanks, saddlebags, and banana rolls. I am still pretty sore. I go back in three days for inner thighs, knees. and arms. I am more nervous this time. It doesn’t hurt while it’s happening but after it is very sore. Has anyone had these area done and if so which was the worst for pain and bruising? Thanks for your help.

– I had smartlipo Triplex done at beginning of November 2016. I had my inner and outer thighs and my bingo wings done. I have not seen any results and my measurements have not changed. The doctor used the laser and then suctioned manually with a big syringe apparatus. I went back yesterday and he said it works for some people and not for others. He wants me to go back and have more fat suctioned manually ???? I didnt diet or exercise much more after the procedure, does anyone think this is the cause for it not working?

– I just wanted to mention that I had it done to my Abs and love handles (flanks) I didn’t get any results and there was no suction with the smart lipo. I had it done in October and I was told it takes 12 weeks to give it time to continue tightening. Now I am having it done over. I don’t think diet has anything to do with it not working. I exercise regulary and weekly.

– I had SmartLipo done 4 days ago. The Dr ran the lasar and sucked fat out of my inner/out thigh, saddle bags, knees, and just laser to tighten skin and reduce ripples on the front of my thighs. I am still bruised and swollen as well as a little lumpy (all normal) but my legs are much smaller already.

– I had the SmartLipo Triplex done on my inner thighs, stomach, lovehandles and around to a bit of my back (flanks). It has been 2 weeks. My bruises are healing but I have hematomas (lumps)-noticable on the outside under the skin now in many areas. I am not too worried about that as I see it as a key part of the healing process. However, I do not notice a difference in my size AT ALL. I am confused how so much “gunk” was removed from my body yet I remain the same. The swelling feels like it is mostly gone but I am not sure…there is slight numbneess in areas. My clothes are all fitting the same as they did before. I was told that my inner thighs would be the last to show results because they are lowest of the areas done. My waist appears slimmer but I have to wonder how much of that is due to the compression garment. I have been wearing my garment all the time…I even slept in it a few nights because I found it comforting to be held in by it. I was told it takes about 2 months to really see results, up to 4-6 months for the final results yet I must admit to being sceptical at this point of it. Can anybody lend some info that could make me more optimistic about the $3500 I just dropped for this? I know that price seems pretty fair but nothing is a deal if it doesnt work.

Woman Treated With SmartLipo Triplex, Neck, Front View By Dr. Cynthia L. Mizgala, MD, Metairie Plastic Surgeon

– Its been two weeks since my smart lipo Triplex procedure. I had my lower abs, love handles and inner thighs done and I see no results. I know its pretty early but from reading your blog its clear that you were once in my shoes. So did you ever see results and if so how long did it take? Were you at all satisfied? I am just worried I threw away $6,000.00 of my hard earned money on a procedure that may have no results.

– My results were only noticeable to me. I had the procedure done to sculpt my problem areas. I didn’t lose any weight. I can tell that I had the procedure done and people who know me notice when I have showed them. The sculpting of my love handles/lower abs did help me to go down in pant sizes. It may take your body a little longer to heal from the procedure. How much fat did they removed from your body? It takes many cc’s of fat to equal one pound (I am not sure what the exact # is)- I think I had a little less than a pound removed from all my areas. Ask your MD how much was removed.

– I had smart lipo done April 4th..done on my abs and lovehandles. Aferwards I had pockets of fluid which had build up. That did go away eventually… It has been 2 months and I dont see that much of an improvement.. My husband thinks I looked better before..I don’t know whether I have scar tissue built up or what. My love handles look the same or worse… I am really upset with the way they look and that I still haven’t been able to fully exercise(except swim) because of discomfort. I am going to see if I can get an answer at the Dr’s tomorrow.

– im 9 days post op..look the same as i did when i went in, flanks look a bit better but abs look the same (chubby like, not swollen looking)..

– I had SmartLipo Triplex on my outer thighs and “banana rolls” done 2 days ago on May 16th, 2016. Today is my second day. I feel pretty well; I did not have any strong pain and can walk and do some home work too. I did not take any painkiller medicine, but taking antibiotic, witch my doctor prescribed for 1 week. Regarding the procedure I can tell, that it was absolutely pain free. I did not fell any pain at all. My IPL procedures are much more painful. Before the procedure my doctor gave me some painkiller medicine and did a shot against nausea, he also circled the areas with need to be treated.. The procedure started from the injections of ledocaine. For the tights I had probably 6 injections total done. Than the doctor filled in the fluid through the small cuts done on the areas, where he put ledocaine first, so it was not pain at all. The fluid totally numbed the treated area and only after this he started the procedure. Firstly he used laser to melted the fat (probably for an Hr and half) and after this he socked the fat out manually, for may be another 1,5 Hr. Total all the procedure took up to 4 Hrs for the areas I treated., including preparation . Total around 900cc was removed from my outer tights. During the procedure the doctor asked me several times to stand up and checked the treated areas. It was absolutely no problem to stand up during the procedure. The doctor even socked out some fat when I was staying to make the tights looks equal. I am 32 and I am around 130 ponds. So far I have pretty positive experience from the procedure; I hope my final result will be positive too. Yesterday I had my follow up appointment . When the compression garment was removed from me, I can see I have much smaller tights, but everything look kind of swelled and uneven, so it is impossible to say something about the results…but defiantly the size of my outer tights was smaller. Right after the procedure and first day I had a lot of leaking from all the cuts. The compression garment gets dirty very fast, so I can advise to purchase black garment, on nude garment the blood spots looks…. scary ? Also it is better to have at least 2 garments to change them and pick the size carefully. Only one unpleasant thing was in my case that my garment was a size large as I need and pressure was not enough ( the company sent to my doctor not the right size garment). So I am wearing 2 garments now to have more pressure. Wearing the garment is critical; this can avoid additional swelling and pain. Per my doctor I would need to keep the compression garment for 1 week for 24 Hrs and 1 week for 12 Hrs/day. So far it is pretty bearable, even it is so hot now in California. I will stay home for 1 more day. I am planning to return back to the work on Tuesday, this will be 4th day after procedure. I hope I’ll be fine. So far I can tell that the procedure is pretty easy, without any critical pain and recovery seems not very difficult. You just feel a bit uncomfortable.

– I’had my outer thighs done. Acctually the docotr did almost the whole areafrom hips to the knees.Even i paid for only 1 area. YEs, i had follow up appointment next day for check up and also they did second day pictures. NExt follow up appointment i will have in 1 week after the day of the procedure, than the docotr wants to see me once a month for the next 4 month. I did the procedure on Friday and on Saturday was my first appointment. On Sunday the doctor called my home to check how i was doing. That was really nice i did not expect even such attention and care. He just wanted to check how i feel and if any questions or concerns.I like the doctor and all his team.

– I had my upper and lowe abs done a week ago — now the swelling has increased on the abs as well as a lot of excess fluid on my thighs — is that normal. How can I get rid of the excess water in my legs?

– I am contemplating on having smart lipo done in July in the Houston area. I had two consultations, the first one said that I should have a tummy tuck, the second one said that I would be a perfect candidate for smart lipo Triplex. I would prefer having the smart lipo done, since I do not have time for the recovery after the tummy tuck. In my opinion I am too small for a traditional tummy tuck, since I am really not that big 34-31-34 after having two kids. It is my upper and lower abs that I would need to have done. I am not that worried about the outcome as far as the fat removal part of the procedure goes, however I am very worried that i will end up with loose skin that will look bad once the fat is gone. My stomach does not look that bad right now, however it does look fatty and it looks bad enough where I would not be able to wear a bikini, and you can definately see my rolls when I have tighter clothing on. I would like to find out more about the outcome as far as the loose skin goes after the procedure.

– I have had smartlipo Triplex 3 months ago. I got it done in sc. I had my lower abdomen and bra bulge (flanks) done. I done see a change at all. When I returned to my physician in Florence, she stated that I should lose weight and then I will notice a change… she said that I gained 5 lbs and need to lose 5-10 lbs to notice a change. If it were that easy, i wouldnt have come to her in the first place. i wish I hadnt done it…well especially in florence,sc. So now i am really trying to lose weight but it was a waste of my money ($3000).You know what they say–you get what u pay for.

– I had smart lipo in conjunction with tumecent lipo on March 11th. I had my upper and lower abs, chin, love handles, bra roll, and fat pads done and am REALLY disappointed. I had little bruising, but my abdomen is still very sore. My chin is hard and lump and I have not lost any inches at all. It was worse pain that having any of my four children and it took over 11 hours. I wish I would have kept saving and had the tummy tuck. It is a lot of money to see no difference at all.

– It May be too late for some of you but it seems nearly unanimous from all the replies/comments…DONT GET SMART LIPO!!! NOT worth the $$$, very minor results if any. I got it done a few years ago and regret the $3000K or more I spent because not a single person commented and I did not ever feel thin. I have done just 3 Pilates classes this week and feel and look better than I ever did any time after the Smart Lipo Triplex. Eat better and exercise will yield FAR FAR Better results and will last.

– I agree with u…had smartlipo done in late Dec. I am so disappointed with it. I only had inner thighs done and they look worse now then before. I look lumpy. I am still getting sharp pains on and off. The dr. told me how nurses she had preformed this on went to work 8 hour shifts the same day. Well I consider myself a strong person and I was in pain and in bed for a day. Felt very ill for days. This procedure stinks!!!

– I had smartlipo Triplex done on my inner thighs in late Dec. 2016. The procedure was a bit uncomfortable but I was in a lot of pain for days after the procedure. It has been 2 months and still have sharp pains on and off in my thighs and I have a lot of dimpling on my inner thighs that I did not have before. I am so upset with this procedure!!! The Dr keeps telling me I need to give it more time to heal…thank God it is still winter and I dont have to get into a bathing suit because I now look like I have cellulite on my inner thighs…again this was not there before. I am very disappointed and buyer beware!!!

– I had smart lipo Triplex the end of October on upper and lower abs on a Saturday and went to work on Monday.(I do physical labor) By the end of December a lot of the swelling had gone down and I was getting a flatter tummy. NICE! I would recommend it. Just be realistic when you have it, you will look a lot better and people will look at you and just think you lost weight. My own kids said they could really tell the difference. You might only lose a pound or two but that’s not what it’s about, you lose inches and the skin does tighten but you would benefit with exercise. I didn’t exercise at all so it’s not as tight but still I love it. I paid $3000 for 2 areas.