Smart Lipo Reviews 2016

– I had smart lipo via Sono Bello on May 18, 2016. I had my upper/lower abs, love handles, inner/outer thighs done that day. No leaking after day one. Felt nauseated the next day after getting up. Went back to work on day 2. It’s now June 3 and I am still terribly bruised and feel like I still need some sort of garment on. When I run, it feels weird, especially in my leg area. Still quite sore when I lay on the floor to do ANY type of exercise. I look like I have been in a car accident! I pray the expense was worth it. I am having a very hard time doing jumping jacks or jumping rope…kind of out of the question. Any input would be great! Thanks. Oh, my Dr said it would be 6 months before I saw the end result. Really? UGH!

– I had tumescent lipo followed by suction then smart lipo for skin tightening on my abs on Oct. 6 and on my flanks and inner thighs on Oct. 13. Although I was sore and stiff the day after for both of them, I was up and functioning the day of and day after both procedures. The drainage for all of my procedures lasted about 24 hours and kept me close to home. By the day after the procedures I was taking long walks and doing everything I needed to do at home, driving carpool, etc. By day 3 after my first procedure the only discomfort I had was tenderness. I am on day 3 for the second procedure now and I am a little more sore and stiff than I was after having my abs done but will go about my regular daily routine. I wouldn’t try to lift anything really heavy just because it is a little uncomfortable to do a lot of bending and I’m not ready to hit the tennis courts yet but I find the more I keep moving (mostly walking) the better I feel. My doc reccomended lots of walking for the first couple of weeks. I also began massage on day 3 after my first procedure and will begin massage on thighs and flanks today. The first couple of days can be tough but it gets much better and more comfortable each day.

– I am 5 days out of doing SmartLipo. I haven’t had any squirting, or any oozing at all. I had my knees done last year, and didn’t have any oozing either. The holes are tiny…my doctor used the new smart lipo machine…the MPX…maybe that is why the holes are so small. Either way, no pain, but it hurts to sit or when you get up after sitting for a while. Other than that, I am doing great. I can’t wait for the results! My recovery last time was FOREVER! This has been much better. I am still swollen…so I don’t look much slimmer yet. I know I have to wait at least another 2-6 weeks for the swelling to go away…and months before the real results. Let me know how you are doing!

Doctor Carlos Burnett, MD, FACS, Westfield Plastic Surgeon – 37 Year Old Woman Treated With Smart Lipo

– I had smartlipo 5 days ago and yes I was sore but it was worth it. I did everything as I normally would. I am wondering if everyone sleeps in the compression garment? I had eight lbs off my stomach and love handles I just want to be sure I do this right.

– Im at day ten um feeling great.I had. Almost no swelling and never took meds. Im wearing the tightest garment and abdominal binder. My wonderful doctor told me no sitting or bending the first two days to prevent a line in my middle. Imso happy so far. My first experience was so bad im surprised i went back for it to be fixed. This doc made all the difference. There are a few hard spots but they will soften in time ad i wear the tight compression garments the next two weeks. Really i think it key to find out as much as possible about your doctor. This experience they used almost no meds except a bp pill and xanax . No pain meds at all. Im so happy. Really excited to see the next few weeks and to buy a bikini!!!!!

Doctor Windell C. Davis-Boutte, MD, Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon – Upper And Lower Abdomen Flanks

– I had Smart Lipo on my abdominal area, flanks and back one week ago today. After reading all the glowing comments for weeks prior, I was expecting this to be a breeze. Far from it. I weighed and measured myself the night before my procedure, and as of today, there have been no changes at all. I have some bruising on my lower abs and both hips, but nothing crazy. The leaking only lasted one day – but it was significant. All the incisions are scabbed over, but very sensitive to the touch. My hips are both numb in areas. I wear the compression garment, including foam pad day and night. I only take it off to shower and every couple of days just to breathe for a few minutes. There was no way I could have gone back to work the next day – in fact, I ended up taking three work days off (one was surgery day) and came back to work the following week. Yesterday was my first day back in the office. I get sore from sitting and of course going from a sitting position to standing up is painful for a moment. I am only taking pain meds before bed, but I am trying to stop taking them altogether.

Dr Anh-Tuan Truong, MD, FACS, Chicago General Surgeon – 25 Year Old Woman Treated With Smart Lipo

Don’t know if anyone else has had this problem, so I’ll just say it. Constipation has been an issue. I have been taking FiberCon since Friday and it is helping, but it remains a problem as of today.
I am hoping to see some serious improvement soon because so far all I have gotten for my investment is bruising, swelling and quite a bit of pain.

– I had Cool Lipo 8 days ago…lots of drainage the first day. Exercise does help with the swelling and over feeling of helping yourself recover. I’m glad I took 5 days off from work, tylenol was all I needed but definately sore to sit and bend over. So far, so good…I can tell everyday that things are changing and improving. Going back to have my arms done on June 15th-my doc doesn’t recommend lipo from the waste down for most people. It’s interesting how many different results and opinions there are. I think you need to make sure you have a doc that just not doing these for every person who walks in the door.

Dr Windell C. Davis-Boutte, MD, Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon – SmartLipo Abs Love Handles

– I just had Smart lipo done on May 9th and I just wanted to share my experience.
I had my upper, lower abdomen and hips.
I just want to start off and say if you have a high tolerance to pain medication (which i naturally do, my dentist gave me 10 shots of novicaine (SP) when he pulled my wisdom teeth and i still felt it) this procedure might be harder for you, like it was for me.
I took the percocet, ativan, antibiotic, and and antihistamine and hour before the procedure, like told. By the time i was in the “operating room” I was back to the nervous feeling and jitters. I felt the needle from the tumescent fluid, which was VERY painful.
The doctor told me is was so weird that i was so awake, and i again told him i have a high tolerance for medications. I ended up taking 4 Ativan total, taking 3 more while i was on the table.

After the fluid was injected, It got better, however the only part that made me jump, the feeling of the vibration from the “fat sucker” that hit my hip bones and hurt like crazy.
I was so awake in fact, my doctor had me stand up so he could make me more even in my hips (kinda weird).
Don’t get me wrong, my doctor was awesome. I was just a very good candidate do to my high tolerance for medications. If i was medicated, i probably would of been okay.
My results are awesome, even with my swelling i can see the difference.I didn’t leak much at all, nor did I bruise. However,I threw up twice on the way home and I have been incredibly sore. I would not want to go back to work if i had to (I work from home). Its been 8 days, and i still feel like i just want to relax and rest.
My stomach is still a little hard, which is expected. For some reason, i get really light headed throughout the day, just randomly. Maybe its the thought that my skin might still be not attached all the way, I’m not sure. But the compression garment is the hardest part about the whole procedure, it just plain sucks.
I now know how those women felt in the old days, having to wear corsets all day everyday lol.
I have to give credit to my husband, who has been tightening the compression garment and helping me fix it, without him, it would have been a lot harder to get the right compression. It hurt to bad for me to pull it tight.

49 Year Old Woman Treated With Smart Lipo By Doctor Michael G. Cedars, MD, Oakland Plastic Surgeon

– Today is the first day of my 3rd week following Smart Lipo on my abs, flanks and bra strap area. Here’s how I’m doing:
No real change in my measurements yet – perhaps 1/4 to 1/2 inch difference in only a couple of spots. My weight has dropped about 1-1/2 lbs. but that could be anything.
I was thrilled this morning to be able to leave the house without the compression garment on. Halleluiah! But I am still wearing a Spanx-type garment that fits something like a tank top, but goes below the bra area in the front. This just makes me feel a bit more secure.
My abdomen is still roughly the same size, but is no longer soft. There is significant lumpy edema (liquid below the skin’s surface) and some swelling – but no bruising. The incision areas are still tender to the touch. It hurts if I scratch.
My hips/flanks are still somewhat numb and are significantly warmer than the rest of my body. I suspect part of the numbness is related to wearing the compression garment 24/7. It rested right on my hip area and may have caused some problem. The next week will tell. All bruising is gone.
My bra strap/back area looks the same and the incision areas itch a little. No bruising.
I have not gone back to the gym yet, but I may give it a try this week. I wanted to wait until the compression garment was off.

– Its been 4months since i had inner and outer thighs and abdomen done. I’m happy with the abdomen. But my outer right thigh had more fat pockets on it. And it’s still lumpy my left side doesn’t and my inner thighs are still not perfectly smooth. So I am disappointed. I will be going to talk to my doctor to see what my next step is.

– I had Smart lipo 5 weeks ago upper and lower abs and chin, today I went back and did arms and bra pads. I think they don’t tell you all the details before the procedure or you might not do it. I was really sore the first few days, and the bruising eventually came on my stomach and slowly worked it’s way down and eventually went away. I still have some hard bumps above and below my belly button. The last few days I notice things are starting to change. My doctor said it will only get better-and after 6 months you’ll see the final results. My chin was a piece of cake and it looks really good. My arms bruised almost immediately today-but the procedure was so much easier and less painful than my stomach was. I too gained some weight initially-but have taken that off. I’m happy, the changes are subtle and nobody really notices, but I didn’t do it for anyone else but me and I can see a difference and feel better not being so jiggly!!!

– My surgery was 4 months ago, I do boxing 6 days a week, getting back into exercise helped speed up my recovery I think. I did my flanks and abdomen, I am very happy I did it, would totally recommend it to again who wants body contouring, it is totally worth it! My surgery was not easy, it is no picnic. I could not get out of bed to go to the restroom and I slept for 100 hours straight.

– I am almost two weeks post op. I had my front bra rolls, upper and lower abdomen done. The surgery lasted 4 hours and frankly was very uncomfortable. The doctor had to stop several times to readminister the turmescent. A total 2500 CCs of fluid was removed with approximately 700 CCs of that liquified fat. It took me about 2 days to really get back on my feet and move around. I was back to work on the 4th day. It felt like I had done 1 million sit ups as far as soreness goes. I drained for 2 days and did not experience any bruising. At the end of week one I was so swollen I actually went up a dress size and looked like I was 5 months pregnant. Two weeks later I am finally seeing results at the front bra roll. The skin is smoother and not so swollen. However, I am developing hard pea sized balls under the surface of the arm pit skin. The discomfort from this area is minimal if any at this point. I cannot say the same for my abdomen. I am back in my preop dress size and clothes now but I can see only a very slight difference in my upper abs and no difference in my lower abs. In fact I think my lower abs look worse. Still very swollen. I feel a sensation that the skin and underlying tissue and fat are not attached to my body. I still feel swollen and my skin is still sensitive to the touch and Im numb in certain spots. I am now very reliant on my compression garment. Wearing it around 20 hrs a day. It is the only thing that reduces the unattached senations. It feels like it holds everything together. I can see uneveness as well, but I am hopeful that it will smooth out with reduced swelling and time. I also feel discomfort over my ribs. Not to mention 1 week post op I broke out in hives across my chest and lower back. I have never had hives before. So far my feelings are VERY mixed as to whether it was really worth the price and pain. Frankly I don’t buy that some people were back to work the same day and in smaller dress sizes immediately afterwards. For the record I am 5’7 pre-op 175lbs average size with a large frame. My bmi was 28

43 Year Old Woman Treated With Smart Lipo By Dr. Jeff Angobaldo, MD, Dallas Plastic Surgeon

– I know what you mean about the unattached sensation. That is a really creepy feeling. After 6-weeks, I still have it in my hip area. I wore my compression garments nearly 24 hours a day. I only took them off to shower for the first two weeks. The third week I only wore a Spanx-type garment during the day and a waist and hip wrap thing to bed. It just felt more secure.
This whole process really is quite traumatic to the body, so I’m not surprised that we are all sore, numb, lumpy and feeling very strange.
I agree with you also about your doubts that people go to work or the gym the next day. I don’t buy that.
I wish I was 5’7″! I am 5’1″ and weighed 154 pre-op. I am 151 now after 6 weeks! I fully expected (because I had read and seen videos of women saying it) that I would have dropped 10 lbs. by now. That is hugely disappointing to me. Which is why I have gotten more serious about my diet and exercise program. Of course now, I won’t be able to determine if the improvement is from the lipo or the diet and exercise.
I guess the moral of the story is, there is no quick fix.

– I had smart vaser/lipo in abdomen back in March, and I am still healing (Today is June 24, 2016)! I wore the garment for 4-5 weeks 24 hours a day, and then started wearing it only at night. I still have swelling around my navel…honestly, I’m beginning to thing it will never heal. It still feels “hard” in that area. I am 5’5″ and ~140lbs. My weight has not changed since the surgery, but my clothes fit better. I lost a lot of “the tire” around my waist. I saw my doctor about two weeks ago and he wants me to only wear compression belts at night w/foam underneath the belt. Ugh…I cringe whenever I hear the word “compression.” Oh, and I snuck out the door before they got their third before and after picture…oh, how I hated standing there having my picture taken! FYI- $7000.00…

– I am 4 months in and still have some numbness, it must take a while to recover. For the first few times you don’t wear the garment you will feel weak and wierd, but it will get better. Exercise really helps, you could feel dizzy the first couple of times, but will speed up your recovery.

35 Year Old Female Treated Unwanted Fat Abdomen Flanks By Dr Windell C. Davis-Boutte, MD, Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon

– I had smart lipo done on my upper and lower abs and love handles on Saturday June 25th, 2016. There was a lot of drainage the first night and next day. I had my first drainage massage the next day and that really helped. I had very little drainage the 2nd night and went to work today. I’m sore but I can still function just fine. I am already very pleased with my results. My husband had his upper and lower abs and love handles done on Sunday the 26th. I am super excited about seeing his results.

– Today is day 4 after my surgery. I have a little swelling and you cant see the definition that well but all in all I am still really pleased. I didn’t expect this to make me lose weight and I didnt. I weigh about the same. I’m still having a small amount of drainage out of the incisions on my back. I get a little sore through the day but I can still function just fine. My husband is on day 3 after his surgery. He has no more drainage and is able to function ok – not great but ok. His work is a lot more physical than mine. I think his results look great so far. He does have a little swelling.

– I had mine done about 6 weeks ago. The “swelling” as it were comes and goes. I still look kind of bruised at times. I think maybe the body’s overall muscularity and bmi makes a significant difference in the outcome of the procedure.