Smart Lipo Arms Reviews

– I am 5’6 and about 153(depending on the day haha) Procedure done Thursday, July 7th at 8 a.m. and was done by 11:30 a.m. Dr. took 300 cc out of each arm and 200 cc out of my abdomen. On Saturday, I was allowed to take my first shower, and as my mom helped me take my compression garments off, I started to cry, my arms look so small..the left looked smaller than the right. I was so happy. Now, 6 days out they still look similiar to Sat, I am going for my followup tommorrow morning and may ask about my thighs while I’m there bc I’m so happy so far. The compression garments are a pain tho, I’m in DC and it’s hot so because I have to wear a suit jacket to work long sleeve compression under long sleeve jacket is awful…but I keep thinking it’s gonna be so worth it!! I have some pictures I can post so you guys can see what to expect! I am so excited to get back into the gym when I can :like a month and a half bc of my TT too 🙁 I’m trying to take short walks daily starting Monday, when I returned to work. I hope that my new tighter arms will show more definition once I start lifting weights again!! I can’t wait!!

– I had my arms done about 3 weeks now and i still have a lot of pain and swelling, they never said it would be like this, but it’s really hard especially in the morning and night the pain is worse in the morning after you wake up. they gave me a very tight compression garment that is blocking my blood flow because i get pins and needles sometimes i don’t feel my hand it’s numb, so i got rid of that garment and now i wear a little bigger one, which is more comfortable, well they also said i have to wear this compression garment for 3 months i don’t think i can wear that for so long i believe i feel comfortable for 6 weeks and that’s it, well good luck all take it easy,,,,

– Had the procedure done this afternoon…I went in at 2, and got out at 6:00… The overall procedure itself wasn’t bad at all!!! I’m beginning to have some discomfort now, but I’m going to take a pain pill after dinner…I must say, this compression garment is annoying!!

– I have done my arms with Smartlipo 10 days ago too, my dr. sucked out 0.7litre of each arm, and I have lost 3.5inches on each arm. I know it is too early to say but I am not sure about the result, but i am in a very big concern of the skin tightening, I am 29 and I haven’t got really nice skin. My arms are much much smaller with the compression garment on, but once i have taken it off for shower, my arms don’t look good at all because of the loose skin, I wouldn’t mind the scare and briuses as I know they will go away, but I can’t do anything except to wait for at least 2 months to see the result which I have read from other people’s comments.

– I had smart lipo on my upper arms a year ago and it was a waste of time and money. My upper arms look worse than they did before the lipo.. I call myself cottage cheese arms. I really don’t know what to do about it.

– I had both of my arms done about 5 weeks ago. They look good for the most part, but I was warned that you wouldn’t see the beat results until about the 4 month mark. The week after was when I saw the biggest improvement. They are still a bit swollen now, but my doctor told me that was expected. I don’t have any loose skin, but I’m sure yours will tighten up. Just give it a little while!

– hi everyone!!!! i just had my procedure yesterday. this morning i woke with soaked bandages and a bit of aching in the arms. i switched out my bandages. I would love to shower but am worried it may disrupt something. i go to the gym, but my Doc told me to hold out on arms weights for a week or two, BUT I dont want sagging skin or lumpiness. I think soft massaging is a good idea. I have those rope thingys for strength building I might slowly ease into to.

– I was in my early 50’s when I have both arm lipoid. Never saw such a disaster. I was beyond painful for months and had message done weekly. The pain was so bad that the very thought of an arm lift strikes horror in my soul. My arms are now recovered and are wavy and flabby beyond words. There is no skin retraction after a certain age. I am average but heredity gave me big arms. Now I am beyond miserable. Never wearing sleeveless or showing any upper arms. Too humiliating. Plus I went to one of the top PS in NYC@ Manhattan Ear, Nose Throat hospital. Home to the big boy PS’s. I am a mess. At least before they were firm. Now they just sag and it is gross. I came on site to see if maybe they’re was a miracle for me.

– I will like to share with you of my experience with weight lost and saggy skin story. Being 5’0″ tall I lost 1/3rd of my body weight 8 years ago, from size 15 to a size 0. At that time I was 28 years old. When I was at age 25 and down to size 8, I notice some saggy skin and stretch marks all over my body, especially on my arms and stomach area. Plus, I feel that my arms still looks kind of big even after my weight lost. So I went to a cosmetic surgeon expressing him my interest in arm lipo and also asked him if there are surgery or procedures to reduce my stretch marks and semi saggy skin. To my surprise he didn’t want me to have lipo yet. He told me that he prefer not to perform arm lipo on me yet until I have reach my ideal weight because arms can look very different after another 10lbs of weight lost and if he does perform an arm lipo on me now I may not be happy with the result if I lost another 10lb+ after. Then he suggest applying lots of vitamin E and sunscreen on my skin to reduce the appearance of my stretch marks. He also suggest wearing a compressed garment (like the ones patient wears after lipo surgery) around my arms and belly when I am at home and sleeping at night until I reach my weight goal in order to reduce the saggy skin issue. Lots of celebrities, such as Jessica Alba, swear by compressed garment too after they gave birth to their babies. Anyway, 3 years later I reached my goal of 110lb and dropped down to a size 0. I will say I was very thankful to the advice of what that doctor gave me, he could of taken my money and perform the lipo on me. I still have stretch marks on my arms and stomach today, but it wasn’t as bad as it was before and barely noticeable. I still have some saggy skin on my arms too, but I am my hardest critic, those compressed garment I worn really helped shaping my arm during my weight lost journey. Deep down I know without applying those vitamin E and sunscreen and wearing those compressed garment daily my body would of been in a much worse shape today giving by the amount of size and weight I had dropped. The only areas I have large ugly stretch marks and obvious saggy skin are my breast and armpit area (aka, axillary area), which is where I did not wear a compressed garment. When I was at the another cosmetic doctor a month ago for a hair loss related issue he was so shocked after he read my info on how much weight I have lost. He said will never guess that I have lost that much weight giving by how little my stretch marks look and tight my body is. To be honest, I am still thinking of having an laser lipo on my axillary area because I heard that laser lipo can help reduce that stretch marks and tighten my skin up. But other then that I have no complaint about the way how my body looks after my weight lost. Therefore I suggest compressed garment, vitamin E lotion, and sunscreen.

– Certainly do NOT do lipo it will deflate your arms even more with hanging skin. I HATE my arms too and they are lumpy and sagging after lipo from a 5 star doctor in NYC. My arms (just measured are 12.5″) After my research the arms brachio seems the only solution, and Im not doing it. There is also a mini lift for the top 6″which is pulled up, tucked and then drawn under ur armpit. The arms are a sensitive area and the after scars of both surgeries look ropey and are it appears difficult to get a nice thin incision line. The lipo will NOT help but make it worse. Just like a ballon with the contents removed. If skin is your issue this isn’t the solution- a full surgical arm lift is. Ive decided to just deal with this and it makes me very upset on a daily basis. I decided to go sleeveless when Im in a place no one knows me to TRY and get over the extreme self loathing. I also went to the beach this weekend and wore a swim suit. It takes so much energy to always hide. I do buy only 3/4 sleeved blouses. My arms are from genetics rather than weight loss.

– I had smart lipo on my arms to tighten them up not to reduce in size….since I was another part of my body done. Sent home with ace bandages on my arms for compression garment…not only impossible to rewrap it left lines on my arms. Now one year later lumps, pits and the scar which is aprox one inch long are all visible on the backs of my arms. My arms look like lumps of mashed potatoes. Someone actually asked me if I was in a accident. Now I have paid $1200 for Accent XL treatments and $1500 for Exillis treatments (going for number 3 this week and actually think I see improvement finally) and Fraxel resurfacing. I have spent as much trying to undo the damage the smartlipo did and the smartlipo cost and of course it still looks much worse then it started out looking. If I had large arms I think I would go for the old type of arm surgery with a good plastic surgeon who can leave an incision that is barely visible on my underarm from armpit to elbow knowing with time the scar could become almost invisible rather then risk the lumpy, pitting horrible results you might end up with the so called “smartlipo” on a part of your body that is always visible you already wear long sleeves all the time. SMARTLIPO is last resort for arms…..I am so ashamed of my arms since smartlipo….beachgirl that never wears a bathingsuit or even a sundress anymore 🙁

– i had arm lipo and it has mentally destroyed me My arms werent so bad to begin with and he convinced me to do it while i was in pre-op for him to correct scar from tummy tuck (which he ended up doing nothing with) I feel so taken advantage of. When I went back and expressed that my arms didn’t look good they told me to wait and it will get better and better. Not the case at all! The skin is loose and bumpy, arms uneven, line from the canula. Messy messy job. Funniest thing his office called me to talk to interviewer for article about arm lipo. Told girl how unhappy I was and said someone would call me back….still waiting.

– It’s not good to get the old fashion liposuction on your arms as it will leave the skin sagging. The best thing to do is to get smartlipo (laser lipo) from a highly competent board certified plastic surgeon. This is because the laser not only removes the fat but help tighten the skin so it wont hang.

– I am hoping some of us find a doctor who can fix a bad lipo job on the arms. I had mine done by Dr. Yily. The left one looks okay, but not much different than before. The right one is deformed and has dents. It is so awful that I wont’ wear short sleeves. It has been a year, but I am going to try rolling with a heated marble pastry pin and derma roller to tighten skin while I look to fine someone to do revision. I need someone to take out the fat left around the elbow area and to fill in the dents. I will consider a small lift to tighten skin, but don’t think I need much of that. I heal well, so a scar, although unwanted, is much preferable than this. 🙁

– I just had Smart Lipo on my arms and below and behind my arm pits. I am wearing the arm compression. When I take it off I notice that my upper arms are really sagging. Large arms and apple figures run in my family also. I have not worn sleeveless shirts for over 15 years. The good news is that I fit into shirts that were way to small before. Prior to my Lipo I wore a 12 top and a 4-6 bottom. I’m happy that I now am more in proportion. Good luck!

– I had lipo on my arms… Looked great for 6 months…and then ugh. The skin looked awful. I’m now booked for a short scar arm lift in 2 weeks from today with Dr.Shapiro to fix the damage created from the lipo along with the usual aging process. I’m 53 years old.