Prolipo Plus Before And After

If you are seeking for a laser-assisted liposuction technique that effectively ablates and melts away fatty tissues, then the Prolipo Plus treatment is perfect for you.

This is one of the new liposuction techniques that are now being offered in many weight loss and cosmetic surgery clinics.

Pro Life treatment is an FDA-approved procedure that involves the use of fiber delivered laser energy that directly targets fats. To achieve optimal results, it is best to combine it with other lipo-sculpting modalities.

This new liposuction procedure offers fast recovery and minimal downtime. Healthy patients with localized fats that do not respond to diet and exercise are the ideal candidates for this new liposuction treatment.

Meanwhile, those who have underlying medical illnesses are not allowed to undergo the procedure.

Whether it is used as a standalone procedure or in combination with other liposculpture treatments, this new liposuction method is effective in removing fats on different areas of the body, including the:

  1. upper and lower abdominal region
  2. upper arms and back
  3. inner and outer thighs
  4. buttocks
  5. banana folds
  6. neck and chin
  7. love handles

Cosmetic surgeons performing prolipo plus treatments often use tumescent local anesthesia to gain effective control over the targeted area.

This is done by injecting a mixture of diluted fluids on the targeted fat space.

After numbing the area, a cannula with laser fiber is inserted through the small opening on the skin to destroy the fat cells.

The laser also helps to tighten the skin surrounding the targeted area by stimulating collagen formation. The procedure typically involves fat suctioning and may take one to four hours to complete.

Patients should expect mild pain and bruising after the treatment. For temporary pain relief, the surgeon will often prescribe Tylenol or other oral narcotic analgesics, which should only be taken as necessary. Compression garments must also be worn for at least a week post-treatment to minimize swelling, bruising, and discomfort on the treatment area.

Depending on the amount of body fats and the number of areas the patient wish to treat, this liposuction procedure can be either consolidated into one treatment or multiple treatment sessions. The best thing about this new liposuction method is that results can be seen almost immediately especially when it is complimented with fat suctioning methods.

As with other new liposuction procedures, the patients can resume their normal activities in a short span of time (usually within 1 to 2 days). The shrinkage, tightening, and compacting of the fat space normally take place over several weeks, while collagen formation and firming of the skin slowly occur within weeks to months.

Pro lipo Before And After Photos