Non Invasive Liposuction Reviews

Liposuction is a surgical technique where fat is removed from the body through small incisions. There really is no non-invasive version. There are machines that can reduce fat in areas of the body non-invasively such as Coolsculpting.

The results can be good, but usually multiple treatments are required to get the best results. If you consider the time and cost needed for repeated coolsculpting sessions, liposuction could be a better option for you.

Laser liposuction techniques greatly reduce bruising and swelling after surgery. (Shim Ching, MD, Honolulu Plastic Surgeon)

There are several nonsurgical liposuction options, but you should know that results are not as reliable as liposuction surgery.

With liposuction surgery, we know exactly how much fat has been removed. However, with nonsurgical methods, you have to rely on how your body reacts to the technology and it can take months to see any improvement. (Ronald Levine, MD, Toronto Plastic Surgeon)

If non-invasive liposuction procedures would give the same results as surgical procedures, then there wouldn’t be any need for liposuction surgery. Last year, more than 4 billion dollars were spent on liposuction surgeries alone and more than 364,000 liposuction procedures were done by board-certified plastic surgeons.

When liposuction surgery is done by a board certified plastic surgeon, the results are always better, however, non-invasive liposuction procedures are great adjuncts when done with surgical liposuction to give better results and assist with a faster recovery.

Non-invasive liposuction also is an alternative if there is only a small amount of fat to be removed. (Jamal Yousefi, MD, Vienna Plastic Surgeon)

Claims of bruising lasting six months are quite inaccurate. Bruising after liposuction is often gone within two weeks or less and the recovery is quite easy for most people after the love handles are treated.


The alternative of non-invasive treatment with a diode laser such as iLipoxcell exists and is effective though not as thorough as surgery. It is painless, without recovery and in my experience the results are long lasting.

Freezing of fat is a somewhat painful alternative with a delay in visible signs of approximately four months and requires on average at least two treatments. (Jon A. Perlman, MD, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon)

Non-invasive Liposuction vs. Actual Liposuction

Performed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, liposuction is a surgical procedure where fat cells are actually removed. While several non-invasive techniques are marketed and promoted, most often by physicians other than plastic surgeons, the definitive and most effective method of fat removal is, indeed, liposuction. (Jeffrey Weinzweig, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

Zeltiq Coolsculpting Photo

Non-invasive fat reduction will not give same results

There is no such thing as “non-invasive liposuction”; I suspect you are thinking of non-invasive fat reduction or body shaping devices such as CoolSculpting, Vanquish, Liposonix, UltraShape, or Kybella, which do not require incisions and have minimal to no downtime.

Unfortunately, non-invasive devices will not give you the same results as liposuction.

They can be effective for reducing small areas of fat over a series of treatments, and many people find them preferable to liposuction because of the lack of recovery time needed, but ultimately liposuction will give you more dramatic results after just one treatment.

I suggest visiting a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon with experience in body contouring for an in-person evaluation and consultation to determine which type of procedure is best for you. (Mitchel P. Goldman, MD, San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon)

Nonsurgical liposuction has long been sought as an option to improve contours without the down time associated with liposuction. While liposuction down time is usually minimal, most people do need to accommodate their schedules for a short recovery.

Until recently the nonsurgical options for body contouring were fairly disappointing. Thankfully there are now some viable options for some patients seeking relief from isolated pockets of fat. In my practice we have many satisfied patients from Cool Sculpting, who preferred to avoid a surgical procedure to address troublesome fat deposits. (John K. Wakelin III, MD, FACS, Columbus Plastic Surgeon)

Non-invasive liposuction treatments are considerably less effective than traditional liposuction. I have had Zerona, Coolsculpting, Injection Lipolysis. I like to try all these procedures out on me first to see if they actually work, are worth the cost to the patients, and to determine ultimately if patients will be satisfied.

I no longer carry any of these in our practice as traditional liposuction is much more predictable, effective, and in many cases more cost effective. Changes Rapid Lipo offers a relatively quick recovery. We do not see bruising to 6 months as you report. (Gilbert Lee, MD, San Diego Plastic Surgeon)

In general, liposuction is invasive. There are different type of liposuction therapy. For “nonsurgical treatments,” Zerona, CoolSculpting, or radiofrequency treatments are options. Each has varying degrees of success which is also dependent on the patient. (Ravinder Jarial, DO, West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon)

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably won’t work. In fact, I have found that most of these alternative treatments are very expensive, painful and yet still don’t work. Liposuction is an excellent procedure with predictable results.

In the end, it is about the outcomes. If you are committed to a new shape, then liposuction is your best alternative. (Gary Lawton, MD, FACS, San Antonio Plastic Surgeon)

CoolSculpting, Zerona, Endermologie, Mesotherapy

A large variety of liposuction techniques are currently available for treating localized fat collections. These liposuction procedures by definition are surgical procedures and are associated with dramatic surgical results and high patient satisfaction rates. For these reasons the term non-invasive liposuction is confusing and difficult to define.

Therefore, we can only assume that this question refers to non-invasive procedures that address localized fat collections. Examples in this category would include coolsculpting, zerona, endermologie, and mesotherapy. All of these procedures are associated with varying degrees of success, but none are as effective as liposuction.

If you’re concerned about localized fat collections, it’s important to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon. This surgeon should be able to formulate a treatment plan that’s appropriate for you. (Richard J. Bruneteau, MD, Omaha Plastic Surgeon)

The non-invasive liposuction techniques result in less of a fat decrease than liposuction. Liposuction generally produces the most contouring of any of the love handle fat reduction techniques. The most promising technique to nonsurgically remove love handle fat is probably Coolsculpting.

Coolsculpting can decrease your love handle fat volume but may require multiple sessions and may actually take longer to reach your goal than traditional liposuction. (John Zavell, MD, FACS, Toledo Plastic Surgeon)

While nonsurgical body contouring methods like CoolSculpting® and Zerona® weren’t as well known even as recently as five years ago, these days more and more plastic surgeons are seeing the benefits of this technology in their own practices.

So, yes, there are reliable nonsurgical methods that can help you improve the look of love handles. The key is in choosing a plastic surgeon with plenty of experience with nonsurgical body sculpting for the best results. (David N. Sayah, MD, FACS, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon)