Male Chest Liposuction Before And After

View male chest liposuction before and after pictures performed by various plastic surgeons.

Before, liposuction was a procedure only associated to women. But today since women are not the only ones who want to have a more toned and leaner body, this popular cosmetic treatment has become popular among men as well.

Remember males also want to look good, too. That is why male liposuction came into being. It is widely popular and common new liposuction procedure that is specifically designed to address the needs of men.

One of the areas that is probably a concern for most men is the chest. If there is weight gain or weight loss, the chest is usually affected. The breast region is susceptible to fat accumulation and sagging skin.

As a result, men develop what is called “man boobs.” It is not easy to get rid of accumulated breast fats, even with a change of lifestyle.

To help men get rid of this unsightly chest problem in an easier and faster way, male breast liposuction is made available. This male liposuction technique removes the excess fat from the chest.

Once removed, the chest is sculpted to become more toned and firmer. After recovery, there is a need to do some basic exercises to help tighten the muscles around the area. It will help maintain the form and prevent the fat to accumulate in the same area again.

Depending on the situation, the surgeon will use either the smart liposuction procedure or the incision technique. Smart liposuction uses a method that breaks down the fat cells through sound waves, heat, and injection while sucking the fat out through a small incision using a cannula.

There is lesser recovery time and scarring with smart liposuction. If this method is not an option, the surgeon will make an incision by the nipple and manually remove the fats. Whichever method is used, a general anesthesia will be injected so the patient will be totally unconscious during the whole process.

Male liposuction cost is slightly higher compared to female because male fats are more fibrous, which makes it more difficult to remove and time-consuming.

Moreover, men are typically larger than women so the treatment area is larger.
For more male liposuction inquiries, you should visit a well-established surgical clinic with reputable surgeons to ask questions.

As much as possible, inquire at more than one cosmetic clinic so you will have plenty of options. Get estimates as to how much the procedure will cost you to determine which clinic offers the best deal. You should know that procedures and recovery vary greatly from patient to patient hence why consultation is a must.

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