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Liposuction in Tokyo is an operating method used in plastic surgery and allows surgically to remove excess fat in the subcutaneous fat and, thereby, to correct the contours of the body.

This operation is carried out both in men and in women.

In men, as a rule, fat is deposited in the abdomen and thighs.

In women is the area of the chin, sides, waist, outer and inner thighs, knees, lower abdomen.

Currently, there are several methods of liposuction (classical, laser, tumescent, radiofrequency, vibration).

Indications for liposuction:

  1. local fatty deposits
  2. in women it is most often the area of “riding breeches”, waist, hips, inner and outer sides of the thighs, chin, back, upper arms, knees.
  3. in men it is most often the abdominal region, back, chin.
  4. it is desirable that the client had elastic skin.

Contraindications to liposuction:

It is necessary to know that liposuction does not solve the problems with obesity and excess weight, but only corrects the figure.

The border of safe and gentle removal of fat in one operation should not exceed 2 000 – 3 000 ml of adipose tissue. Removing more fat no longer has anything to do with the aesthetic procedure, as it poses a threat to the health of the patient.

  • stretched and flabby skin
  • people with a lot of excess weight
  • presence of oncological diseases
  • diabetes
  • bleeding disorders
  • heart defects.

Types of liposuction in Tokyo:

Classical (vacuum) liposuction is performed through small incisions (in the operated area) small cannulas are placed in the subcutaneous space. The doctor very carefully, back and forth moves the cannula under the skin, thus destroying the fat cells, which are removed from the body with the help of a vacuum (vacuum device).

Tumescent liposuction. Before carrying out this procedure, a special solution (a mixture of physiological solution, lidocaine, adrenaline or ephedrine) is introduced into the operated sections, which softens and “enlarges” the fat cells in the volume and at the same time narrows the blood vessels, making it easy to pump out fat without damaging the soft tissues.

Ultrasonic liposuction in Tokyo. Ultrasound affects the operated area before taking fat, which allows the destruction of fat cells. Damaged fat cells are removed from the body through small incisions with the help of special cannulas. This is a gentle kind of liposuction, but does not allow to process large areas.

Radiofrequency (BodyTite) liposuction is a surgical procedure that allows you to remove excess adipose tissue and then tighten the skin at the site of the procedure. To achieve the desired result, radiofrequency liposuction uses radiofrequency energy that passes between the inner and outer electrode.

Radiofrequency energy positively influences lipolysis (destruction of adipose tissue), stops bleeding, promotes denaturation and remodulates collagen structures of the skin, allowing to reduce the volume of tissues in this area, reduce edema and bruises, tighten the skin. The clinic performs classical liposuction in combination with tumescent liposuction or applies the latest technique – radiofrequency liposuction (BodyTite).

How is surgery performed?

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. We combine tumescent and vibrational liposuction.

Before the operation, the surgeon carefully identifies the problem areas from which the fat intake (suction) will be made. The treated area is filled with a special solution containing medications and anesthetics that ease painful sensations that reduce bleeding. Further, in the most inconspicuous places, small surgical incisions of 4-6 mm in length are made.

In these sections small, thin cannulas are inserted through which the fat is taken under pressure (vacuum).

If the skin in the operated area is not sufficiently elastic, then Radio Frequency BodyTite liposuction is performed. For surgical punctures (incisions), if necessary, a self-absorbing suture (1-2 stitches) is applied, the wound is covered with a sterile bandage. Immediately after the operation, the patient is wearing compression underwear.

Preparation for surgery

The first and very important step is personal consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon.

For 1 week before the operation, it is necessary to bring (send) to us to the clinic the results of the tests and the conclusion of the doctor. Also, it is possible for 1 day before the operation to have all the tests and to pass the examination in our clinic.

But, it is necessary to take into account that if the results of the analyzes do not correspond to the norm, the operation will be postponed.

For 3 weeks before the operation, it is necessary to stop taking blood-thinning medications (Acylpyrin, Anopyrin, Aspirin, Alnagon, Mironal or other drugs containing acetylsalicylic acid).

2-3 weeks before surgery, the client should not suffer acute or inflammatory disease (acute respiratory disease, influenza), and smokers should limit smoking, since smoking very slows down the recovery process.

A prerequisite for this operation is good health, exclusion of pregnancy and lactation.

On an operation it is necessary to come on an empty stomach, for 8 hours before the operation you can not drink, eat, smoke, also, it is recommended to wash your head and do not apply makeup on your face. After surgery, the client stays in hospital for 1 night.

Recovery period after surgery

Within 10-14 days, it is necessary to observe a sparing regimen and regularly take prescribed antibiotics and medications to reduce puffiness. You will get all the medicines while you are discharged from the clinic.

Taking a shower is possible 4 to 5 days after the operation. Until this time, you need to constantly wear compression underwear.
Do not remove adhesive plasters from wounds. During a follow-up visit, the doctor will change them.

Compression garment should be worn for 6 weeks (it is allowed to remove it only during showering). The removal of seams (if the seams were not absorbable) occurs after 7 to 10 days.

2-3 weeks after the operation, you can start to do massage, at least 3 times a day for 20 minutes. How to do the massage and when you should start doing it, the doctor will tell you. Massage accelerates the healing process.

Active physical activity is allowed no earlier than six weeks after the operation.

Visiting a sauna or solarium is possible after 2 -3 months.

The healing processes are very individual. In most cases, swelling and bruising take place within two weeks.

Stabilization of scars continues for one year. To avoid the occurrence of pigmentation in places of incisions and bruises, it is not recommended to sunbathe for several months.

In the future, it is recommended to attend preventive examinations.

The prices for liposuction surgery procedure in 2016:

  • $5,000 – Tokyo – 2016;
Realself pricing for cosmetic liposuction in 2017:
  • $6,500 – Robert Katsuhiro Kure, MD – Tokyo, JA – 2017;
  • $6,500 – Robert Katsuhiro Kure, MD – Tokyo, JA – 2017;

*Prices are from realself reviews

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