Liposuction On Buttocks And Thighs

The procedure of liposuction is aimed at improving the contours of your body.

It is noted that the typical phenomenon for most women is fat deposits in the buttock zone, as well as on the inner surface of the thighs.

Unfortunately, even in well-proportioned representatives of the fair half of humanity fat deposits in the hips are removed with great difficulty by means of diets, performing physical exercises and physiotherapeutic procedures.

To cope with a similar problem, will allow such a procedure as liposuction of the hips, aimed at removing excessive fat deposition in this problem zone.

The preliminary stage of this procedure is the surgeon’s consultation, which is necessary to determine the scope of surgical intervention, to take into account the patient’s wishes and the realism of the expected results.

Bear in mind that only the surgeon has the right to choose the method of liposuction.

Contraindications to thigh liposuction

Although liposuction is not a method of fighting excess fat, but there are contraindications to the procedure,

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Oncological diseases
  • Violation of blood clotting
  • Serious infectious diseases.

Note to yourself, that before the operation you need to conclude a contract with a surgeon for the provision of the services provided.

In addition, the surgeon will also tell you about his chosen method, about the possible risks and complications, and in the end will explain in detail the features of the course of the postoperative period. And all that was previously listed, is a kind of information consent to the implementation of this operation.

The general principle of performing a liposuction operation in the hip area

Typically, this procedure is often carried out under local anesthesia, but general anesthesia is also possible, but this requires your desire and the surgeon’s recommendation. As soon as the method of anesthesia is determined, the surgeon will apply the markings on your body to limit the liposuction zone.

The most widespread was the so-called “wet” technique, which involves the microprotrusion through a perforator and the introduction of a small cannula. And by applying a peristaltic pump, a certain Klein solution is uniformly injected into the operated zone.

The described technique provides for a uniform removal of the subcutaneous fat layer, moreover, it prevents the appearance of wrinkles and dents.

Yes, and the small size of the cannula results in minimal disruption of the integrity of the skin.

Upon completion of the operation, the microprojectile sites are treated with an antiseptic, and then an aseptic bandage is applied.

Features of the operation on the inner surface of the thigh

Such an operation as liposuction of the inner surface of the thigh may be useful for women with excessive fat deposits in the hip zone and with a sufficiently high elasticity of the skin.

Proceeding from this, it can be concluded that the owners of wrinkled and very sagging skin from such a procedure will have to be abandoned. In their case, a radical surgical operation combined with liposuction will be very effective. As for anesthesia, it can equally be both local and general.

But patients with a sufficiently large amount of subcutaneous fat in the described problem zone can expect to significantly improve the contours of the hips, as well as to reduce any irregularities in the skin.

And the obvious proof of this will be your photo taken after the operation. This is because the fat on the inner surface of the female thigh has a small amount of fibrous tissue, and for this reason it is very easy to remove.

A very important point, if you have subcutaneous fat deposits on the entire surface of the thigh (up to the knee), then many plastic surgeons try in one procedure to remove all excess fat in the entire area.

On that there are reasons, after all if liposuction in these zones to execute in some stages the contour of your hips and knees can be uneven. Typically, this type of liposuction is performed by tumescent method, this choice is due to the following advantages of this method:

  1. The application of small incisions allows minimizing the number of scars
  2. Total loss of blood is extremely low
  3. Less bruising
  4. The risk of infection is minimized
  5. A short recovery period
  6. The appearance and development of postoperative complications is minimized.

Liposuction in the buttocks area

Liposuction can eliminate up to 40% of excess body fat in the buttock zone, which means that if you have impressive fat deposits, the final result will undoubtedly please you and this is evidenced by numerous positive responses from women who decided on the presented procedure.

So, through this operation you will be able to significantly “tighten” the buttocks. After all, plastic surgeons will remove fat from the buttocks, thereby reducing their weight, which in the future will contribute to their elasticity and tightness.

Often, liposuction of the buttocks is carried out using a tumescent method, because it involves the use of microtubules, as well as applying a significant number of small incisions – all this ensures high accuracy of this operation. So to form a smooth contour of your buttocks the best way is not to find.

But be careful – this procedure is not so safe, especially if it is not conducted by a top-level professional.

Liposuction in the hips and buttocks

Uneven fat deposition on the outer and inner sides of the thighs is a serious flaw in the female figure. No matter how many people talk about the seductiveness of the magnificent forms, every woman in her soul dreams of slender legs, a thin waist and beautiful proportions. Especially offensive to those ladies whose weight does not significantly exceed the norm, but at the same time the thighs and buttocks differ in excessive completeness.

Laser liposuction of the thighs and buttocks is one of the effective ways to overcome the natural (and acquired) flaws of the figure with the help of body plastics. In the presence of pronounced disproportions, playing sports and dieting do not give the desired result, despite the relative success in the area of body contour correction. To remove excess fat without surgeries, exhausting exercises and massages is a very real task that every person can cope with.

How is laser liposuction performed on thighs and buttocks?

Liposuction of the thighs and buttocks is carried out after a preliminary consultation with a plastic surgeon. Medical manipulations are performed using a Smartlipo device that generates a powerful flash of radiation in a millionth of a second. A directional beam destroys the membranes of fat cells, converting dense fat into a mobile emulsified mass that enters the lymphatic system and then undergoes a biological transformation in the liver.

The beam that destroys the fat is guided through a miniature cannula (diameter 1mm optical fiber – 300 microns), targeting only fat tissue. The system is controlled by electronic devices, which ensures the highest accuracy of liposuction.

Effect and recommendations

After liposuction of the inner surface of the thighs, the skin is pulled up, becomes more elastic. This effect is explained by the fact that the laser has the ability to stimulate the synthesis of cells that produce HA. Already 7-14 days after the procedure, a pronounced cosmetic effect is visible – disappear, so-called “ears”, saggy gluteal folds.

With the recommendations of the doctor, the aesthetics of proportions persist for a long period of time. One session lasts 40-60 minutes. General anesthesia is not applied, since laser radiation does not cause pain. The maximum that the patient (patient) can experience during liposuction of the thighs is an easy burning in the area of the laser probe.

The advantages of laser liposuction thighs and buttocks

  • minimal traumatic effect on tissues;
  • absence of scars and scars;
  • high aesthetic result;
  • absence of subcutaneous hemorrhages;
  • pronounced rejuvenating effect;
  • a small period of rehabilitation.

Since the laser effect is local in nature, and does not affect the mechanism of the physiological processes of the body, the number of contraindications to the procedure is minimal. Laser liposuction is not performed in the following cases:

  1. When diagnosing chronic or acute infections;
  2. In the presence of dermatosis in the thighs (buttocks);
  3. With congenital or acquired autoimmune diseases.

The decision on the possibility of carrying out the procedure is taken by the clinic doctor, taking into account a combination of medical factors. If we compare laser liposuction with other methods of fat removal, then we can safely say that the laser, to date, is the most progressive and safe method used in aesthetic medicine.

The specialists of the clinic have professional experience in the field of application of laser technology of the last generation. For liposuction of the hips and buttocks, the price depends on the treatment technique used (determined by the scope of the surgeon’s work), the time of the procedure. The procedure of liposuction helps to improve the contours of the body. Often in women, fat is deposited on the hips and in the buttocks. Even the most slender girls can suffer because of a similar problem.

Even compliance with diets and sports activities can not always change the sad picture for the better. Liposuction in the hip and buttocks will help to make your body absolutely perfect, saving you from such a difficult problem.

Many girls celebrate excellent results after the procedure. Such an operation is quite expensive, so only a good surgeon should be treated to get an excellent effect.

Principles of liposuction

This procedure is quite painful and complicated, therefore it is conducted under anesthesia or local anesthesia. To get this opportunity, you need to consult the surgeon and express your wishes.

When the decision is made, the doctor will allocate certain areas for liposuction using a marker. The operation is carried out in different ways in the hips and buttocks, as this requires a different approach. After the operation you will have more slender and very tight hips and buttocks.

Operation of liposuction in the inner thigh area

Such an operation is indicated to women with a fairly elastic skin, as with ifs flabbiness it is unlikely you can get a wonderful result. If you have a large amount of subcutaneous fat, then you can count on excellent improvement in contours and get rid of unevenness on the surface of the skin.

When subcutaneous fat is on the entire surface of the skin to the knee, most surgeons prefer to process all the zones at a time. If you perform the operation several times, then the surface of the hips will be uneven.

Liposuction surgery in the buttocks area

Thanks to this procedure, you can get rid of 40% of the subcutaneous fat located in the buttocks. If you have significant deposits in this part of the body, then after the operation you will be able to see a significant effect. In this case, you can not think about whether to conduct a similar procedure.

With the help of this method, the buttocks will be perfectly tightened, as the doctors remove all the excess fat from them, which after that will promote their tightness and elasticity. Usually, microtubules are used to remove fat and small incisions are made. Thanks to this approach, a very smooth contour of buttocks is successfully formed.

Cons of liposuction of the buttocks and thighs

The shortcomings of this procedure can be attributed to a small postoperative period, when it will be necessary to follow certain recommendations given by the doctor. Also, you can easily fall into the hands of an inexperienced doctor who is not very good at the task.

Therefore, you should carefully approach the choice of a certain surgeon and do not choose it, based on how much the procedure costs. Of course, the price of surgery for a professional doctor will be quite high, but still the safety will be higher.

Advantages and cost of liposuction

Of course, the ptos of this operation include a very fast and long-term result. Many girls note that even after a couple of years with normal eating, the legs do not get fat. Thanks to this method, you can have slim and beautiful thighs and buttocks after the operation.

Today, there are many clinics that can offer liposuction services in the buttocks and thighs areas, so the price of the procedure can be quite acceptable.

Many girls are wondering how much liposuction costs in the hips and buttocks. The price usually varies from $2000 to $6000. It depends on your region and the level of professionalism of the chosen surgeon. Also, most girls are concerned about how long recovery after surgery lasts. In fact, it depends on the type of skin and your body. On average, the recovery can take 3-8 weeks.