Liposuction In Hong Kong

Such a method of getting rid of local fat deposits, like liposuction, is that the fatty tissue is sucked off vacuum. To do this, use special microtubes, which are located in the subcutaneous tissues.

Liposuction in Hong Kong can be done on separate parts of the body, and on the face. This procedure is recommended if there is a need to adjust the silhouette of the patient or if there is an excess of body fat on the hips, abdomen of the knees or chin.

These fat deposits are on the outer surface of the thighs and the inner surface of the knees. Even those people who are very active in gyms and constantly sit on a debilitating hunger diet often enough can not get rid of fat, located on the hips, waist and buttocks.

What you need to know about liposuction?

Liposuction is an operation in which excess fatty tissue is removed and the contours of the body get better. It is necessary to know that only in this way it is impossible to become perfectly harmonious.

In addition, it will not be possible to completely get rid of obesity. It is necessary to take into account the cost of liposuction. Its cost depends on many factors.

An excellent result can bring only an integrated approach. It should take into account a large number of factors.

This, in particular, the diet, as well as its quality. The main task of liposuction is to give the body beautiful, regular lines. To maintain your own body in the same state will allow only the right way of life.

How is liposuction performed?

Before proceeding to liposuction, the clinic doctor examines the patient and decides how this cosmetic procedure will be performed. The technique of liposuction is caused by many factors.

This is the characteristics of the patient’s body, then, as the location of fat deposits. In addition, the part of the body where the operation will be performed is of great importance. The specialist decides on the method of anesthesia.

In the event that a rather large operation is appointed, in which three or more parts of the body are to be treated, general anesthesia is used. Immediately after surgery, patients should:

  • During the months wear a special compression garment.
  • Reduce physical activity.
  • Follow all the doctor’s advice.

About four weeks later, about eighty percent of patients have puffiness, and bruises are completely absorbed. A person who is prettier and more self-confident can return to his usual life.

What is radiofrequency assisted liposuction? Harmful or useful?

Radiofrequency liposuction in Hong Kong solves a common problem among those who want to get rid of excess weight in a super modern way.

Liposuction corrects the body shape, removing fat deposits and simultaneously making the skin supple.

This novelty in the world of plastic surgeons and cosmetologists has significant advantages over progenitor procedures.

Radiofrequency liposuction: the ideal body

How to get rid of excess fat?

Every woman dreams of a slim body without excess deposits and folds. To achieve this, diet, sports, cosmetic procedures are used. But what if the fat is deposited in a certain place of the body and does not want to part with you in any way? If you have tried a variety of nutrition and training systems, and you can not achieve harmony in some parts of the body? The operating method of fat removal will come to the rescue.

What is Liposuction in Hong Kong?

Liposuction is a surgical method for getting rid of the fat layer, in which the mass to be removed is first broken, and then removed from the body by aspiration with special tools. But do not be frightened, because all manipulations are performed with the help of small punctures and with the most modern methods of anesthesia.

Depending on the type of procedure under the skin are introduced various adaptations. The method of splitting fat mass can be different: mechanical, vibrational, laser, ultrasonic.

This innovative method, not so long ago appeared in cosmetology clinics, has gained great popularity. This is not surprising, since it has no analogues and allows you to achieve excellent results.

Removal of the fat layer is carried out with the simultaneous action of two electrodes on the fat layer. One of them is injected subcutaneously with a puncture, and the second slides over the surface of the skin, while they simultaneously act on the same site from both sides. The resulting radiofrequency radiation heats the desired area, splits the fat, which is removed by a vacuum aspirator.

The secret of the effectiveness of the procedure is as follows: the sensors regulate the uniformity of heating the body parts and, accordingly, the removal of adipose tissue. As a result of this, no bumps and irregularities are achieved on the treated surface. Mini-operation is carried out under the supervision of a doctor who, with the help of equipment, monitors the temperature treatment regime, resulting in a smooth and smooth surface of the body. Advantages of radiofrequency liposuction

This ultramodern procedure has a number of advantages that make it very popular in the world of cosmetology.

You can get 3 effects at a time for 1 procedure:

  1. get rid of fat deposits;
  2. minimize the appearance of cellulite;
  3. tighten the skin, make it dense and elastic.

Radiofrequency liposuction eliminates such types of complications:

  1. increased risk of blood clots;
  2. bleeding;
  3. uneven contour of the treated surface after the procedure.

In addition, the session is conducted under local anesthesia, gently affecting the body, there is no need for hospitalization, the recovery period is 1-2 weeks.


You should choose another method of getting rid of fat surpluses, if:

  • you are pregnant or nursing a baby;
  • suffer from cancer, diabetes, epilepsy;
  • Have inflammation in the area that will be affected;
  • you have violated blood coagulability, you take anticoagulants;
  • you have an infectious disease or an exacerbation of a chronic illness.

Reviews after liposuction in Hong Kong

A huge number of reviews of liposuction suggests that girls and women, while achieving perfection of the body, experience the impact of radio frequencies on various parts of the body.

About radiofrequency liposuction reviews can be found mostly positive, many managed to solve the problem with an excessively protruding abdomen, folds over the knees, sagging places in the triceps area, that is, where diet and athletic loads often remain impotent.

Particularly impressive is the condition of the skin, after all, after other types of liposuction, it hangs around and requires a course of special procedures to set in order.

Expectations imposed on this type of intervention are usually justified, and hateful deposits disappear irrevocably under the influence of radio frequencies. Negative responses mainly contain complaints of pain after surgery and a rehabilitation period, during which it is necessary to do additional courses of cosmetology procedures, depending on how the operation was performed.

An improper diet with increased caloric intake of food in the absence of physical activity will bring all the doctors’ efforts to nothing and “help” you to buy fat reserves in other parts of the body.

Harmful or useful?

Radiofrequency liposculation as a method of getting rid of fat excesses is a scientific approach to correcting a figure. After all, often not only the aesthetic problem of man is solved, but also the question of his health. Losing excess weight helps to become more active, vigorous, calm chronic diseases, because many diseases become less aggressive if a person gets rid of unnecessary weight.

The body becomes more fit, a man looks prettier, younger and healthier. These arguments unequivocally speak about the benefits of radiofrequency liposuction. The harm is that this operation method of getting rid of fat. Any, even the most insignificant operation has its risks, every surgeon will tell you about it. To make a final decision you will need to consult a doctor and take a survey.