Lipolaser (Lapex 2000) Reviews

– I actually tried laser lipo today with the lapex 2000 machine. I went to a laser instutue in my area (Edmonton, Ab – Canada) I’ll admit that I was and still am a little skeptical. Overall it was a good experience. According to the Technician my measurement around my waste was 36.6 after my session my waste measured 35.6 My stomache did feel a little tighter and the little blazer that I was wearing was fitting a little bit looser. My session was to be 40 min in length but she gave me an extra 10 min. She started by placing the paddles on one side of my stomach close to the the love handle area. She left them for 10 min then placed them on my mid section and so on. I went ahead and bought 10 more sessions – they were having a promotion and I will get one session free so in total I will be doing 12 sessions. I will be reattending next week for two sessions and will continue to go twice a week until my sessions are up. Also, after my session she placed me on the whole body vibrating machine to jiggle everything up – good thing I didn’t eat before 🙂 Anyways, while I am doing this I will continue working out in the gym atleast 3x a week & will stick to a healthy diet. The following are my stats to date: Age: 27 Height: 5’6 Weight: 147 pnds Waste: 35.6 I’m not overweight but after having my Son 3 years ago, I have a classic case of mummy tummy that I would like to get rid of, so that’s why I am doing this. During the next little while I will take my own progress photos and do my own measuremnts to verify that they are correct.

– I had my first session with the Lapex 2000 today. I’m looking to lose inches from my bottom/hip area. I’ve never been proportion. Skinny on top big on the bottom. Anyway- my technician measured my hips at 30 centimetres smaller after the laser treatment. I then had a session on the Power Plate vibrating machine. It was fun but hard ork! She said I should do another proper workout within 48 hours of the session or the fat gets reabsorbed. I didn’t know that. All in all I’ll withold judgement until my 8 sessions are done. I think the technician is serious about getting me the results that I want so…. we’ll see.

– I’ve done my 3rd session today and I can definitely see a difference in the shape of my bottom. I lost another centimetre on my left. It seems that I am losing more on my left than my right. I think the treatment so far is ok. It seems to be for people who excersize regularly anyway but can’t shift spot fat. Keeping up the excersize is important to get the right result. 5 more sessions to go.

– The Lapex technology is proving to be as advertised. It is a great alternative to an invasive and painful liposuction procedure. The treatments are from $250 or packages of 9 can be bought for $1800. The device is used with exercise and diet recommendations and is really easy and pain free. I know several MD’s that have the device and are very pleased.

– I did my session today and I have a pear shape with is heavy in the hips and thighs I also have saddle bags and working out has done nothing for them I lost a whole 1″ today and I think thats great I have 11 more sessions to go. my measurements are bust 36″ wasit 28 hip 40″ I really really want my hips to be like 36 inches.

– I lost a whole 1″ today my hips went from a 41 to a 40 . my measurements are bust 36 waist 28 hips 40 . i really want my hips to be like 36″ i have 11 more lipo laser sessions to go.

– I had 8 sessions on my abdomen – zero change. They wanted me to go on a juice fast to lose weight. I had stated that my weight was fine (127 lbs, 5’6″). They advertise spot treatment – of course my Tummy bulge will shrink if I am skin and bones – not an attractive look at 59!!!!

Laser Lipo Machine

– My husband is a surgeon and we just had a sales rep come and demo this machine in our office. First of all, I’m not sure if you would be a “guinea pig” since this machine has FDA clearence and has already been tested, but I agree that we don’t know the long term effects. That said, we took a patient who was very large in the midsection and hooked him up to the machine. We measured before treatment at 52″ after 45 minute treatment, he measured 48.25″. I was impressed with the results after one treatment, but we are financially unable to purchase the machine at this time for our office. Anyway, they said the retail price is around 200-300 per session so as long as they would let you buy one session at a time, I really can’t see you would be out of a whole lot of money (as compared to a surgery like liposuction) if you felt it didn’t work for you. If you do end up doing a session, can you post on here if you did get results? I would be interested in knowing if you had the same outcome as our patient did.