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Lipodissolve does not equal liposuction

Lipodissolve (mesotherapy) is not at all comparable to liposuction. It is a mixture of ingredients injected into the fat to make it “melt”, supposedly. In theory, it sounds great. In reality, I’ve seen many hard lumps, depression deformities (skin rippling), and skin discoloration.

These things are all very difficult to correct. Oh, and it does not really seem to help cellulite at all, as some companies have claimed. Liposuction is fat removal and body contouring using cannulas to suction out the fat cells.

It is surgery, but if I’m treating small areas, it can easily be done in the office under local anesthesia. (Carmen Kavali, MD, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)

Are Lipodissolve Results Like Liposuction Results

FDA Warns About Lipodissolve Product Claims

Lipodissolve procedures is not an alternative for liposuction and can be dangerous. Lipodissolve procedures are not done by Plastic Surgeons and I will not recommend this to any patient. (Jaime Perez, MD, Tampa Plastic Surgeon)

Lipodissolve is not the same as liposuction and I am not aware of any plastic surgeons in my area that even offer lipodissolve.

I have corrected some very considerable problems from lipodissolve (and from liposuction) so you have to make sure the person you are seeing is well qualified.

Lipodissolve sounds good, but it usually lacks the control of good liposuction. They make it sound like the fat is magically dissolved and evaporates. it does not. The fat is killed with toxins and then the dead, liquefied fat is absorbed back into your blood stream and processed by your liver.

The chemicals used to kill the fat are also absorbed into your blood stream and processed by other organs. (Richard H. Fryer, MD, Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon)

Lipodissolve injections patient reviews

– LIPODISSOLVE is a rip off!!! After 1 treatment they began to double the dosage. After my 5th treatment I still did not notice a change at all. I asked about this and they told me it was normal because the stuff could take 12 weeks to work its magic. I was also swelling up so large that even my sweat pants were cutting into my belly and leaving marks all over me. They did my 6th treatment with 3times the dosage that turned into severe pain, horrid swelling, my belly turned black and purple and was so lumpy it looked like ground hamburger. Still I had not noticed any change. I went back for my consiltation and had not lost a single thing. I was the exact same as from when I had first walked in except I had lost 15 pounds. I was told I HAD to take 3 more treatments in order to even be elegable for my 100% money back. I found this compleatly stupid because if 6 didn’t work then 3 more is not going to and even if it did it wouldn’t be worth over 2 grand. After much arguing and talking with someone from the reveiw board I was was told I signed something that forces me to take an additonal 3 treatments. I reluctently told them I would do it. They tried to give me the 3 times the amount but I told them no, it caused way to much pain. I took one more set of shots at double the dosage. I hurt my back shortly after that injection and have to have surgery. I told them I could not do the injections any longer and went in for another consiltation. They took pictures and mesurments. I had gained no weight but had gained 2in. The lady that came back in to talk with me had the nerve to walk in with a smile and say “Good news! I see improvement!” She claimed she could not show me pictures for the printer was broke but I did look better even though I had went up in inches. I think this was their way of tring to scam me into thinking I was doing good. I didn’t fall for her tricks and began asking questions and making objections to her claims of the lipo treatments working. The lady got very angry with me and gave me the silent treatment and quit answering my questions got very snotty and stormed out of the room with a I am just going to turn you back over to the reveiw board. Mind you I never raised my voice, cursed, or got angry with this woman for I knew it was not her fault for I had never seen her before and she was not one of the ones makeing the desicion about my money. I have never been so displeased with a buisness as this one. I beleive they lie, coned, and cheated their whole buisness into a money vacumm that preys on people who are at the end of their line of just wanting to improve on their body.

Lipodissolve How It Works

– I JUST had a treatment on my abdomen, yesterday, and I have to say — I was NOT prepared for the pain I experienced last night. I had it done at 4:30, and while the needle pokes didn’t hurt that much, there were, in fact, TONS of them. I did not expect this. By 8:00 p.m. my abdominal area was swollen to twice its size and reddened. Not only that, but it was hot, burning and so painful that I could barely stand up. I put an ice-pak on it, but that didn’t help much. By 10:00 p.m. or so I was in bed. I had the chills and I could not roll over, nor could I do anything other than lay flat on my back. I barely slept. When I tried to get up, it was extremely painful! The only respite on I got was this morning when I decided to give in and take ibuprofen. Today I am sore for sure, but the ibuprofen kicked in and it’s a bit better. Anyways, my opinion? I would wear loose fitted clothing to the appointment and go straight home afterwords! I would prepare to ice-pack on and off for at least 2 hours, due to swelling and pain. They say not to use Ibuprofen because of the blood-thinning effect, but if I didn’t take some this morning, I WOULD NOT be at work today. Get all of the facts before you go in. This is not as EASY as I thought. I will report back on results.

P.S. After I tried to get up off my couch to go to bed, I felt completely naseuous and sick as well. I had to get some water right away and lay back down. Oh, and mine was called Mesotherapy with an ultrasound before and after to help the treatment take and to ease the pain — YEAH RIGHT! Just want to report all of the possibilities. And no, I am not overweight. I have about 9 pounds to lose and that’s it.
Today (next day) is 100% better. The pain has subsided a bit. The swelling is still significant, so make sure you take a day or two off of work, because unless you have a stretchy skirt, it hurts to put on clothes. If you’re going to have this done, keep a few things in mind:

1 There are lots of needle pokes. They don’t hurt, but it’s still bothersome
2 Bring loose clothing to change into after it’s done
3 Expect to hurt and swell about 2 hours after the procedure.
4 Don’t exercise for two days. Lay down and give it time to heal
5 Drink a lot of water to flush your system
6 Go get Arnica Gel at a nutrition store to prevent pain and bruising and use 3 X a day
7 use ice packs if possible

– I have been doing lipo dissolve for 10 months now. After my first 6 treatments, there were no inches lost. There was, however, a 1/4 inch gain. They attributed that to the fact that different people measured me and that maybe they measured differently. Okay, I’ll believe that. Well, then they wanted to do 6 more treatments. Fine. lets go for it. I really have had high expectations, and was willing to go ahead and do the next 6. They did say that sometimes, because everyone is different, some people need a few more. So, I did the next 6 (double dosage this time) treatments. I finished those up 4 weeks ago. Now, I have to return in 8 more weeks to be remeasured, but I still am wearing the same size jeans that I did 10 months ago! I haven’t lost anything. I did ask what happens if I return and there is still no change. Their response was that they would have to re-evaluate me. What does that mean…….more injections?? I haven’t mentioned getting my money back to them, because I really wanted this to work. I am considering it though because I am getting tired of the 70 minute drive to Overland Park as well as the 2 days of discomfort from the injections. I just recently started going to a gym because I really want to get slimmer and I just don’t think this is working for me. I am worried that anything lost at the gym, they will claim as a success on their part. But I’m stuck between being chubby til i get remeasured or getting my money back. I am very disappointed that this hasn’t worked for me.

– I had my first treatment last tuesday on my lower abdomen then the next treatment on thursday on the upper part. I was told to wait at least 2 weeks before going in for another round on the same parts. I bruised very badly and still very sore with lots of hard lumps under my skin. Im only paying $250 a session for the first 6 sessions then $125 per session from then on. I have read some really outrageous prices on here. YIKES. Im really hoping this works for me. I have had 3 kids and just want my stomach back in a nice shape. I guess the pain is worth it. I go in the day before and they give me a container of cream that I apply 45 min prior to and wrap in saran wrap. It makes it completely numb so I dont feel a thing. At least not until it starts wearing off and OUCH..For the first few days I looked as if I was 4-5 months pregnant again but its going down now.

– I recently had my 1st treatment of lipo dissolve. I was provided with plenty of numbing cream and then also a cold spray that numbed the area even further. She made it as comfortable as possible. Every time she was doing an area she applied more of the cold numbing spray. (dont know the name of the spray) She asked me, ” Please tell me if you need more spray, I would rather apply too much than not enough!” After the injections she applied Ice to the area for at least 20 minutes. They sent me home with a supply of Arnica cream, Arnica pills, A Detox home kit to take daily as well as Vitamins. I was swollen the next day, slight bruising, tenderness but the worst of it all was the swelling. I looked like I was 4 months pregnant. It’s been 5 days and the swelling is finally subsiding. I have been using a massager to try to prevent the knots I’ve read about. I work out 4 to 5 times a week and am at my target weight. Overall my 1st experience was not bad. I think it really had to do with the service I’ve received. I will follow up when I get my 2nd treatment and when I actually see the results. By the way I did not go to FIGS.

– I started my treatment in June and its been a nightmare. I have gained 10 lbs and went from a size 6-8(depends on the brand) to an 11, which now the 11s are getting way to tight. I am so swollen all over my whole body, my whole body itches, & pretty much feel like crap all the time. Especially after treatment. I get my treatment done on Fridays because Im in bed for at least 2 days after it. Well I have complained about my weight gain since the second treatment and they keep saying its my thyroid, or my eating habits, bla bla bla. I have been exercising every morning or night, eating a lot better and I have cut out all of favorite sinful things out of my diet. I am trying really hard to lose weight. After complaining so much & never getting a responce I threw a fit. They told me they are not responsible for weight gain and its my fault for it. I told them I did not want to continue treatment and wanted a refund. Guess what I am not eligible for it. I have to complete treatment and even then I might not be able to get it because I have gained so much weight


– I started my treatments last Thursday at a plastic surgeons office. The shots were bareable, the pain for the next hour was uncomfortable and then the overall pain for the next 24 hours was really uncomfortable (thank goodness I had a girdle) but the pain was never bad enough that I couldn’t do anything. I went to a 2 hour hair appt and took my daughter to a b/day party. When I woke up Saturday, the swelling was gone and I no longer needed the girdle. Sunday, even better. Now here it is Tuesday, the only bruise I got was one small dime size one and I can barely feel the nodule there otherwise, I don’t feel any nodules.

– I went through the entire process and it did NOTHING! I actually gained inches in the areas I was supposed to be losing in! I ran 1 1/2 miles 4-5 times a week, watched what I ate (still do both of those things) and my “trouble spots” are no different now than they were when I started. I read one article that said it just moves the fat around in the body and redistributes it; makes me wonder if that is why I was suddenly diagnosed with extremely high cholesterol even though I eat nothing fried and I am very careful about my diet and cholesterol intake. When I went in for my re-evaluation since I am taking them up on their 100% guarantee, they wouldn’t allow me to see what I taped out at and then I was recently told it was reported I lost a total of 3 inches. What they don’t know is that my doctor was taping me throughout my sessions and I lost nothing but I did gain 1.4 inches on my bra line and 2.6 inches on my hips…NO LOSS. I would love to know who is suing them and if I can’t find out I will be suing them myself. They reported falsely in my medical file and now they expect me to pay them for making me 3+ inches bigger and I believe caused my high cholesterol. It was painful and in the end simply NOT worth it at all.

– Lipodissolve TREATMENT 1 BLOG I was very excited and nervous. mmmm…. OUCH! the do like 40+ injections in the area you want to reduce. they hurt. I am not quite sure how i thought needles wouldn’t hurt? Anyway… after breathing through the injections i thought ok! FEEW worst is over! well.. LOL they had warned about bruising and swelling but i had NO idea! that night my stomach looked like i was 6 months pregnant. it was HOT and stingy. I couldn’t bend well and just had to lay there. The next day (not expecting this) i had to go to work. I felt like i had been hit with a shovel in the abs. Hard to walk fast. and still had to wear stretchy pants. But it had gone down to like 3 times its normal size at this point. And feels like its filled with warm hard goop like silly putty or something. Its now been 3 days. Its down to like twice the normal size. If nothing else this will make me appreciate my normal figure! Its 4 weeks in between treatments. So we will see. Right now my mind is split on if i can take that again. Its kind of disturbing. And i just keep thinking what if it DOESN’T go down!!??? Apparently the fact that i am getting so much swelling is good… something about my body producing a lot of collagen? And that it means its working faster than for most people… so. I am hopeful. but i HAVE to find some pain killers for next time.Its brutal! Well? its been a few weeks now. the area is still sore. but the lumps under my skin have changed from feeling big and almost rope like to being pea sized and a have weird sharp feelings like there is some one inside of me with a thumb tack occasionally going “poke poke”. But thats what they say its supposed to do ..soooo…. TREATMENT 2 BLOG (6 weeks between treatments)just before the treatment I could see a ever so slight difference. Which I am told is unusual. But I am fairly small. 5’3″ 125lbs. Still a little sore but not bad. My 2nd treatment wasn’t nearly as bad. I took a pain killer before I went. I took a Tylonol when i got there and am taking Arnica (montana 30x) from the healthfood store for bruising and soreness. They now have this freeze spray that they use on your skin right before the injections which numbs you a bit. Not totally unfortunately. But it did help. Also the tech went much faster this time. (getting in out and over with is good!). The day after i was still pretty sore. Hard to bend. And still very swollen. But not QUITE as much as last time. The bruising i think is more severe this time. I look like i was attacked by a rabid paint ball gun with a vendetta. And once again my stomach feels like its filled with heavy silly putty. (very weird). So i am in the big pants and cant wear my normal clothes. But at least this time, i know it will go down. I am not freaking out, and I know the eventual outcome will make me very happy. Amazing what we will endure in the name of vanity isn’t it? *1 week after the 2nd treatment bruising totally gone

– I was going to have Lipo Dissolve done BUT, after doing research on the web I found out that PCDC is BILE SALT, which is URINE, ( they are using sheeps unrine) yes I have urine in my body, but it is contained and is not introduced into my blood stream, which is why these women are having their eyes swell up and their hair fall out, and body parts swelling, its called UREMIC POISONING. I am not a medical professional but I can read and make summations!!!! This stuff is not FDA APPROVED and SHOULD NOT BE INTRODUCED INTO THE HUMAN BODY!!!! Years ago they used Pregnant Horse Urine injections to loose weight with a combination of diuretics, I was one of them, had no reactions, BUT MY Room Mate did have reactions and was very sick for a long time. This stuff is not FDA Approved. These gals either were deceived or willingly went ahead with the process. If I had went ahead with the program and had these side effects I would be getting an attorney like right now. I would RUN not WALK. AND I would go to the nearest TRAUMA CENTER Emergency room and tell them everything that’s wrong and that they had PCDC Injections. I cannot believe that Licensed Doctors and Nurses are doing this.

– I’m 28 years old male , and I just done my lipo dissolve ppc injections on my face (cheeks, jowl ) 3 days ago (2 vial = 1 vial ppc on every cheek ). And today I found this forum and after read all these horros stories bout lipo dissolve, I become deadly afraid if something unwanted happen to my face. I still got a really HUGE swelling on my face (3 days post op)without any bruish . it still makes me look like a pumkin. What makes me worry now is, how long the swelling would start going down? Its still ok for me if I should get 0 result BUT I got SO NERVOUES thinking IF the swelling won’t ever gone or its ppc makes my face even bulkier or fatter. Also I’m still doing exercises everyday. Please anyone whos ever had these injections on FACE, Help me!!! Its all the stories really freaking me out..

– I am also a fig patient. i began my first and last treatment in November. I became very irate after they stopped treatment on me after i gained 3 lbs…..YES only 3lbs. if that doesnt sound bad my BMI is under 20% So my weight was perfectly fine i just gain 3 lbs after my first treatment. It seems like a blessing though when you look at it. I was very disappointed with the treatment and staff and wanted my $$$ back from the beginning now i can. I also contacted CareCredit GE they also advised me of the dispute form but they really seemed helpful to me. They informed they will stop drafting payments when they receive the dispute information back from me. I believe the credit card company will pay out these claims if you didnt receive your full services. The credit card company will then go after this company under chapter 11. I think its just a mess right now because everyone wants there money ASAP including me but i think and hope CareCredit will come through for those who never got there full treatment.

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– I underwent Lipo treatments in Chesterfield, MO. I also did not see any results. They even tried to fake a before photo that was suppose to be me! I looked and looked, thinking I couldn’t possibly have looked that bad. Then I realized the shirt was green. I don’t wear green. I don’t even own anything green. What a sham. They promise doctor supervision. Never saw a doctor. They promised fast results. No results. I quit before finishing the treatments. I feel like a fool. My daddy always told me, “If it seems to good to be true, it is!” I would love to get my money back, but I realize that’s a fantasy. I’m sorry so many lost jobs due to their closure, but I’m sure there is someone somewhere rich after all the lies and falsehoods spewed by their employees. They gave a money back guarantee, well where’s my money!

– I bought a package in June of 2016. I had a couple of treatments but started gaining weight. I was told that they wouldn’t give me any more treatments until I lost the weight. Well.. It’s been a year and I’ve worked very hard and now they are closed and I can’t finish the treatments. But after reading a lot of the blogs, many people gained weight. I had lost over 100 pounds. I had more to go before my goal, but I wanted to get rid of weird pockets of fat/folds on my inner thighs. I knew/know I wasn’t going to be a super model, but I wanted the skin to “blend” with the rest of my legs. After months of working out and the nodules being absorbed I think my legs actually look better however with that said, I haven’t lost anymore weight and am unable to complete the treatments for obvious reasons.