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Fat deposits accumulated in the region of the hips, buttocks and waist are not always amenable to correction with the help of physical exercises and diets: the fat tissue becomes denser with time, and it becomes more difficult to destroy it.

Get rid of unwanted volume, eliminate the manifestation of the so-called “orange peel” on the hips and create an elegant tightened silhouette will help liposuction – a surgical technique to combat excess fat.

Indications for liposuction

With the help of liposuction, you can cope with fat deposits in most problem areas:

– on the inner and outer thighs,
– on the knees and legs,
– In the abdomen and waist region,
– in the lumbar region,
– on the buttocks,
– on the back and side of the shoulders,
– on the back.

An effective technique can be used in conjunction with any other operations aimed at modeling the contours of the body: for example, with abdominoplasty, gluteoplasty, brachioplasty.

Our clinic offers modern, gentle methods of removing fat deposits that not only provide an excellent result, but also help minimize tissue trauma and shorten the recovery period after the procedure. To determine how much the procedure costs in a particular case, a specialist consultation is necessary.

The final price depends on whether you need liposuction of the whole body, you need to remove excess fat in the abdominal area or solve problems in another area.


Liposuction is strictly not recommended, if the following diseases and conditions affecting the working capacity of the organism were detected during preoperative examination:

  • malignancies,
  • chronic and viral diseases in the acute stage,
  • diabetes,
  • Impaired renal and / or liver function,
  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • any diseases that affect blood coagulability.


Liposuction has nothing to do with the treatment of obesity. The purpose of the procedure is mechanical removal of fatty deposits, and the cause of their occurrence it has no effect. In order to obtain a qualitative result of liposuction for obesity, you must first consult with appropriate specialists (including an endocrinologist) and undergo a course of treatment.

Method of implementation

The essence of the method of liposuction is the removal of adipose tissue through punctures of minimal size with the help of special thin tubes with a rounded end – the cannula. This operation is simple enough, but traumatic.

Modern methods allow reducing the risk of injury of blood vessels and nerve endings due to directed influence on adipose tissue.

Before the procedure, the correction area is treated with a laser, ultrasound or a special solution (injected), the cellular membranes of the adipose tissue are destroyed, and the destructured fat is easily excavated with cannula of smaller diameter, with minimal damage to the surrounding fatty tissue deposits.

In addition to liposuction, there are also non-surgical methods for removing fat from problem areas.

However, the effect of such procedures does not occur instantly, since fat is eliminated naturally – along with the blood flow, and this takes time.

Recovery after liposuction

In the first days after liposuction, there is a fairly strong swelling of the tissues in the correction area, in some cases bruises and densations are formed; can also appear painful sensations, the temperature rises. All these phenomena are temporary and easily corrected with the help of physiotherapeutic treatment and hardware massage.

During the recovery period it is recommended to limit physical activity, to avoid overcooling and overheating of the body. An obligatory condition for obtaining the desired result is the wearing of special compression underwear, which provides the tissues with the necessary support.

Realself cost of lipectomy in 2011:

  1. $7,000 – Seoul, South Korea – 2011;

The realself cost of fat liposuction in 2013:

  • $2,800 – Dr. Kang – South Korea, KR – 2013;

Price of surgery in 2014:

  • $4,000 – Dr. Yoo – South Korea, KR – 2014;
  • $4,000 – Dr.Chang Doo Yeoul – South Korea, KR – 2014;

Price of operation in 2015:

  1. $2,500 – Dr. Hong – South Korea, KR – 2015;
  2. $3,900 – Fresh plastic surgery – South Korea – 2015;
  3. $4,800 – Dr.Chang Doo Yeoul – South Korea, KR – 2015;
  4. $6,000 – Dr. Hong Jonghyun – Seoul ,South Korea – 2015;
  5. $6,000 – Dr. Oh, Joon-Hyung – Seoul, South Korea – 2015;
  6. $6,000 – Dr.Choi, Jung-Gook – Seoul, South Korea (South Alpine County) – 2015;
  7. $7,200 – Dr. Chang Doo Yeoul – South Korea, KR – 2015;

Price of procedure of liposuction on average is $5200 US dollars in 2015 in Korea

Doctor prices for procedure of liposuction in 2016:
  • $10,000 – Wonjin Beauty Medical Group – South Korea, KR – 2016;
  • $16,000 – Gangnam, South Korea – 2016;
  • $19,000 – Kim Do Hun – South Korea, KR – 2016;
  • $3,000 – Dr Jeon – South Korea, KR – 2016;
  • $3,900 – Dr. Jonghyun Hong – South Korea, KR – 2016;
  • $7,000 – Dr. Chang Doo Yeoul – South Korea, KR – 2016;
  • $8,000 – Dr Kim sung woo – South Korea, KR – 2016;
  • $9,000 – Dr lim jung yoon – South Korea, KR – 2016;
The average fat suction cost is $9490 dollars in 2016 in Korea

How much does procedure cost in 2017:

  • $2,900 – Wonjin Beauty Clinic – South Korea, KR – 2017;
  • $5,100 – South Korea – 2017;

*All prices are approximate and taken from the realself.com website

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