Face Liposuction Reviews

Facial Liposculpture for the Cheeks

The use of facial Liposculpture is valuable if done selectively. Liposuction of the face can be problematic if overdone or applied inappropriately. The tightening effect is more theoretical than proven. The value and longevity of using laser in combination with facial Liposculpture is subject to disagreement by experts in the field. (Paul C. Zwiebel, MD, Denver Plastic Surgeon)

I personally dont believe lipo adversely affects skin laxity. I also dont believe that fillers lift anything, but instead radially expand to create the illusion of lifting. (Peter J. Malouf, DO, Fort Worth Dermatologist)

Think twice prior to surgical facial liposculpture

Tumescent liposuction remains the gold standard to remove excess fat deposit anywhere on the body. However, there is a nontrivial risk of nerve damage associated with facial liposuction. I would recommend Sculptra to bring about a lift around facial fat pads or work with an experienced plastic surgeon to reposition the fat pads. (William Ting, MD, Bay Area Dermatologic Surgeon)

Could Facial Liposuction Help With My Cheeks And Chin

Liposuction is a popular and effective technique for contouring of the face and body.

In the lower cheeks and neck, this area can be readily treated with liposuction. For these sensitive areas, your best bet is to be evaluated by a board-certified plastic surgeon with a great deal of experience with liposuction, fat grafting, neck lifts, and facelifts.

This expert will be able to assess you and let you know what combination is best in your case. Keep in mind that whenever we transplant fat from one part of the body to another, approximately 20% of the fat will melt away.

For this reason, surgeons typically add a little more fat than we wish to remain. This is the reason why you’d expect that it’s going illegally after the surgery but the swelling will resolve and the remaining results will be all yours. (Pat Pazmino, MD, FACS, Miami Plastic Surgeon)

Doctor William Groff, DO, San Diego Dermatologist – 30 Year Old Man Treated With Liposculpture To Neck And Lower Cheeks

Facial liposuction not as safe or effective as mini facelift

Facial cheek liposuction not as safe or effective as mini facelift. Keep lipo to chin and neck line. Surgeons that perform both liposuction and facelifts tend to favor facelift….this is because we get superior results with facelift with less chance of disfigurement,which can be permanent. To me, as a sugeon who performs many laser liposuction cases each week, I stay away from the cheek.

I will laser the chin and lower jaw line, if the skin tone is good. (Marwan R. Khalifeh, MD, Chevy Chase Plastic Surgeon)

Remove fat vs reposition fat

For thin skin, the risks of skin loosening over time can be a bigger long tern concern (not risk) than the short term change in volume. If the area under your eyes is hollow, then rather than removing fat, you may benefit from lifting your cheeks, repositioning your fat to a more normal position. (Denis F. Branson, MD, Syracuse Plastic Surgeon)

Dr Brent Moelleken, MD, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon – Rhinoplasty, Chin Implant, Chin Liposculpture, Cheek Fat Pad Removal

Laser facial sculpting

Laser facial sculpting, part of SmartLifting, was first described by Dr. Gentile in Ohio. These are not to be confused with trade named minilifts. Basically, the laser component of the Smartlipo MPX or triplex machine is applied to the under surface of the facial skin.

This will stimulate collagen production and some tightening to the facial skin. Then it is combined with selective liposuction to the jawline and neck if needed. Another additional feature is the ability to also use superficial laser resurfacing that will add to the tightening of the facial tissue.

The results are comparable to a minilift but with out the invasiveness. This is a wonderful new way to address early aging changes in patients who are not yet ready for a minilift/facelift. (Edmon Pierre Khoury, MD, Lone Tree Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Lipo For The Face Before And After

Risk of serious nerve injury with facial liposculpture

Very important facial nerves which control your smile and facial muscles run very close to the surface of your face in the lower face or “jowl area”. These nerves can be injured by passing a liposuction cannula beneath the skin of the lower face and jawline.

If the nerves are injured the effect on your smile and the appearance of your face could be devastating. You would need a very experienced surgeon who has utilized this technique in the past and absolutely need a thorough discussion with the doctor as to how he/she plans to avoid injuring these nerves. (Brooke R. Seckel, MD, FACS, Boston Plastic Surgeon)

Minimal risks short and long term and not usually significant

The risks with facial liposculpture is the same as liposculpture anywhere else on the body with the one exception of nerve involvement. The one unique problem to this area which doesn’t happen often is drooping of the corners of the mouth which can look like a stroke.

This is uncommon and almost always reverts back to normal within 3-6 months without treatment but because you see it in the mirror every time you look at yourself it can be alarming. Fortunately it spontaneously reverts with time and is rare.

Doing the liposuction at age of 32 is better now since your skin will tighten more now than later as 9age. You may get a few more broken capillaries after the procedure but they can be easily treated with IPL’s or lasers to get rid of them later.

The cost of jawline/neck liposculpture is roughly $3250. (David Hansen, MD, Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon)