Cool Lipo Before And After Photos

View successful results of cool liposuction patients who have been treated by top plastic surgeons. If you are planning to eliminate fats on smaller regions of the body, then you should consider the Cool Lipo Treatment.

This is a highly revolutionized new liposuction procedure that features laser-assisted technology which is specifically designed to liquefy fats for easy removal.

The Cool Lipo laser treatment effectively removes fats on the targeted area while at the same time stimulating collagen formation to tighten the skin (an effect that cannot be achieved through traditional liposuction).

Cool Lipo is best suited for melting away fatty deposits that are found in smaller areas of the body such as the chin, arms, and male breasts.

This new liposuction method is perfect for patients who are looking for a less invasive procedure as well as those who want to avoid the risk of general anesthesia. It is often used in treating trouble areas where fat tends to linger even after diet and exercise.

Some of the benefits that you can expect from this new liposuction method include the following:

  1. increased safety, minimal bruising, and fewer side effects
  2. decreased downtime after the procedure
  3. typically done under local anesthesia, thus, eliminating the worries of severe complications
  4. capable of targeting problem areas that cannot be treated by conventional liposuction
  5. less invasive as compared to neck or face lift
  6. offers gentle fat disruption and removal technique in smaller body areas

It is important that you find a licensed cosmetic surgeon who is well-versed with this type of new liposuction method to ensure good results. The procedure begins by numbing the target area with the use of local anesthetic.

Once the anesthesia has already taken effect, the surgeon will direct the laser under the skin to dissolve the fat cells. The laser is moved from one area to the other to ascertain that the fatty deposits within the treatment area are effectively dissolved.

The whole procedure can take one to three hours to complete.

After the procedure, the surgeon will wrap a compressive dressing around the treated area to facilitate the healing process.

In addition to that, it is also used to protect the treated area and to aid in skin firming.

The patient needs to wear the compressive dressing for at least 2 to 3 days for effective healing.

Like with other new liposuction techniques, it cannot guarantee that fats won’t be accumulated again over time.

Bear in mind that no matter how advanced and sophisticated the new liposuction procedures are, they must be supplemented with a healthy diet and regular exercise in order to sustain the results.

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