Aqualipo (Body Jet) Reviews

PoBody Jet liposuction

I have worked with a couple of different liposuction techniques and I have to say that for me Body Jet liposuction is by far the best.

What I like most is that I do not have to inflate the areas of fat that I want to treat, so a more precise shaping is possible.

I like to combine Body Jet with laser liposuction (Smartlipo) superficially for the retraction of flobby skin.

Many patients who have Body Jet like to have the fat removed elsewhere, because if connected to a lipocollector kit, Body Jet can assist in harvesting excellent quality fat grafts. (Alexander Aslani, MD, Spain Plastic Surgeon)

Body Jet vs. Other Liposuction Techniques

I have been using the Body Jet since April 2010. I think the benefit of the bodyjet is that it is gentler and recovery is quicker. It is an especially get machine when used with the lipo collector.

This allows us to harvest the fat and transfer it to other parts of the body like the face, breasts, buttocks and hands. As far as other technologies, we have very busy offices and use the body jet and smart lipo mostly.

I used to use Vase for about 5 years but have stopped using since the SmartLipo triplex became available. The 1440 wavelength is much more specific for fat. And unlike the vaser, I have less risk of burning the skin.

I do not need to use skin protectors because the whole canula does not get hot, only the few millimeters of exposed fiberoptic at the tip. Since no skin protectors are need, the incisons are much smaller.

We do most of body jet and SmartLipo cases under local anesthesia. Which was not the case with the Vaser in my practice. (Rigo Mendoza, MD, Tampa Plastic Surgeon)

Body jet is another form of liposuction that used fluid irrigation while performing the procedure. I do not think that it will change the “face of the universe.” Liposuction is liposuction, the key is to find a surgoen that produces consistently good results. (Steven Wallach, MD, New York Plastic Surgeon)

Avoid Body Jet for liposuction.

This is all marketing without scientific evidence. Tumescent liposuction has a long record of safety and excellent results with quick recovery. That’s what the experts in New York City use. (George J. Beraka, MD, Manhattan Plastic Surgeon)

Let someone else be the guinea pig

There have been so many “innovations” in liposuction that have come along to great fanfare, then proven to be of no benefit, and finally wind up on the junk heap of medical instruments. This may just be the next in a long series of such technologies and I would suggest you not be the test case.

Traditional modified tumescent liposuction in the right hands is still the Gold Standard. (Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)

Water Assisted Liposuction Patients Reviews

– Today is 13th July , I had the body-jet or WAL procedure on June 23. It’s been around 2 1/2 weeks and so far I am very pleased with the results. One of the benefits the procedure is, “some people can go back to work the next day.” That is totally false for me. The next day and night I was in severe pain. I did take pain pills, couldn’t have done it without them. I honestly think it hurt more than having a baby. The doctor took out 1500cc and I think that is one reason I hurt so badly afterwards. BUT I must say that I am very happy with the results. I go in for my 1 month follow up in a week. I am still swollen, but bruising was not that bad…. I did have hanging skin above my pubic area. It is much better, and I expect it to get better after more time…. I had upper & lower abdomen, bra roll,flanks, and lower back. I would love to get my upper arms and thighs done. Let me know how it goes for you. I also have fibromyagla (sp?)so I think that is why I had so much pain. My doctor ended up knocking me out during the procedure because the dr. said I made a lot of sounds that sounded like I was in pain. I don’t remember hardly anything during the procedure. How much are you paying for all of those areas? I paid $5,500. I think I am really not the best candidate due to being a lot overweight. I just needed to jump start my weight loss….. I am motivated to loss more weight.

– I am having upper arms, back including bra roll, flanks, upper and lower abdomen including pubic area, inner thighs and chin. The cost is $6500 and includes both WAL and smart lipo to tighten the skin. He can only take a max of 5 litres, apprx. 11 pounds of fat during the procedure. He said that is a lot of fat.

– Very satisfied so far. Tony even came to our house to bring some addtl garments last Saturday as I needed more compression on my back. Jodi goes above and beyond.. I had so many areas done and am starting to see a difference, now that the swelling is going down. I like the personal attention you receive. The doctor is quite nice and did a very good job. Some bruising, but virtually painless procedure.

– Im a big chicken to and was extremely nervous about general anastesia…..the sedatives they gave me ended up knocking me out (which they said happens most times) and I dont remember a thing. Dont worry! Its not so bad….i had my surgery yesterday and im akready up and about. Not too much pain for me, more discomfort than anything. They also said to do some light exercise a 7-10 days after surgery to prevent swelling. Need to keep the blood flowing!